Friday, January 27, 2017

Custom Kraft (Valco) Model 880 1960's Tube amp in Vegas for $400

This Las Vegas area seller is offering a Custom Kraft 880 "Dyno Blast" Guitar Amp for $400.  I have not personally played one of these (they are fairly rare) but I recall from a post I read that this was the top of the line Custom Kraft guitar amp in 1967.    It's not the same as some of the smaller Valco amps since it is an AB Push Pull Circuit - but I expect that the Solid State Rectifier would give this amp a good deal of punch without the usual sag associated with a tube rectifier. If you are all about the "sag" then this might not be for you - but I tend to like very sharp attack in my amps.  If I want sag I use my Magnatone M10a (now that is one saggy amp LOL.)

This exact amp was sold for $599 by a California dealer a little over a year ago (I recognized the wacky purple background in the photos).  This should make a nice studio amp, though with its pair of Vintage RCA 6L6 tubes it probably gets pretty darn loud (similar to a Silvertone 1484).  - JC


Vintage Custom Kraft Dyna Blast 880 Combo - $400 hide this posting

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Custom Kraft Dyna Blast 880 Combo by Valco, 1960's vintage
Very good condition inside and out for a 50 year old amp.
Everything works fine, pots good, all vintage tubes, reverb and tremolo, jenson C12 R speaker, three prong chord, no foot switch.
warm vintage tone, great recording amp.

only trade Vox AC15 1x12 Combo

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