Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fender Squier Japan '72 RI Strat in Grand Rapids, MI for $375

This guitar is an anomaly to me - looking at the pics I would say that it is a MIJ '72 RI in Vintage White - and the Serial Number on the 3 bolt neckplate seems to confirm this as being a 1994 or 1995.  But for some reason it has a Squier label on the headstock - not the usual Fender logo.  Strange - perhaps it is from the end of the run in 1995 and they wanted to sell it as a Squier instead of a Fender Japan - who knows. Either way these are nice guitars.  If all the other specs are correct then this should be an Ash body.  Check it out.

Note:  Closer inspection tells me the serial number on this guitar may actually be an SQ+5 which would make it a 1983-84 Fenderr Japan Strat.  Or in otherwords, this may not be a "72 RI" but an actual Late 70's early 80's Fender made with the same parts as it's American brethren - just as desireable (more?) as a JV or American Squier model.


Fender Made in Japan Squire Strat-early'80s - $375 (Ada/Cascade)


Date: 2011-01-07, 9:36AM EST

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This is not your typical Squire Strat. In the 80's Fender made Squires and Fenders in the same plant in Japan. It is not clear that there is any difference other than the decal. I'm happy to be corrected, but this is a great guitar with some growing colectible vintage vibe. It is nothing like the Made in China Squires you see today. This one has the oversize headstock, nice Fender tuners, the oblong heel plate with the tilt adjust. It is a maple neck model with the rosewood skunk stripe and rosewood freatboard. It has some dings and marks, but they are very minimal and add to the character. The Maple has mellowed nicely, and the Rosewood neck is deep and rich. Playwear and fretwear is very light. The color is white faded to ivory. the knobs have also faded nicely. Vintage without the big ticket It is fully functional.

Cash terms and local sales only. This is Craigslist, people. I don’t need job offers. I will not take a check from your Nigerian uncle. I don’t want to trade for your old Nintendo GameCube. However, if you are interested in the guitars, I’m happy to meet you!

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