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Silvertone 1481 small tube combo amp in Seattle for $1501

Here is a nice deal on a Silvertone 1481 - with plenty of info from the seller:


60's era Sears Silvertone 1481 tube amp - $150 (Bothell - Kingsgate)


Date: 2011-01-11, 2:28AM PST

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Very Good Condition 1960's Silvertone Model 1481 Class A 5 Watt Tube Amp up for grabs. The Amp is powered by a 12AX7, 6V6GT, and 6X4 tube rectifier. Hand made and hand wired in the USA, most likely built by sub-contracted Dan-Electro.

The beauty of this amp is the simplicity of the design and quality and clarity of sound. It has been the envy of many over the years, I've had dozens of offers to sell it at various points over the years, and I'm only now doing so because guitar isn't that important to me anymore and I am moving more towards drums. When I took it to guitar center for inspection/appraissal, they immediately moved to purchase it from me.

The amplifier is in great working condition, with its input jacks, tone and volume knobs working correctly without any scratchiness or cutting out. While very much not the prettiest amp ever made, but it is truly a great amp to hear, you'll have trouble finding such a pure unaltered representation of your guitar even with newer amps.

When I think of the tone on this amp, it just says "that is my guitar and nothing else". It's beauty is truly in it's less-is-more simplicity in design and sound quality. What makes this amp sound great is a simply a quality guitar. Strats have a nice clean, warm, bell-like tone and certain humbucker guitars can overdrive it a bit to give a nasty white stripes tone. Also sounds great with an electric acoustic with a pre-amp.

This amp is low-wattage and old, never to attempt to be heard over a band unless it's mic'd. It's use is for private practice and low key jams.

All the parts including input jacks, knobs, fuse, screws, speaker and unaltered 2-prong cord are all original. As far as service history goes, it has been inspected, cleaned and checked for proper power, removed of an improper grounding causing a slight short by a professional amp maker/technician in 2006 without altering or adding to any of the original circuitry or components. The offending wire was simply moved from accidentally touching another component creating a buzz. I have no other knowledge of any kind of service to this amp other than tube replacement. Unlike many silvertones of the era, this one is untouched. No re-wires, cord replacement, nothing.

The only thing non-vintage/original about the amp are the tubes. When it was first given to me, it had been shelved almost 20 years because the tubes were missing. True to age and form, most of the screws and metal plates have a bit of oxidation & rust on them, and I was advised by professionals to never attempt to remove it or clean it, or replace the original screws as to keep it vintage and all original. This would devalue and possibly damage the original components.

Since I received it around 1998, i have kept it in great operating condition and flexed its wings many times to make sure it's running smooth. Overall its been well cared for. After checking around the internet at various sites and having it appraised, i believe I have made a reasonable asking price. They sell upwards of $400 in some cases. If I can't sell it on Craigslist it'll go on ebay and most likely a higher price considering auction.

I'd rather see it sold to a great local Seattle guitar enthusiast than to some store so they can just jack up the price to the next guy. If you want to come over, bring your guitar and take it for a test drive, I will consider the first few serious offers only.

I'm asking $150

picture below is one off the internet but accurately represents the amp besides the 3 prong cord. Last but not least please don't send emails asking me if it's still for sale. The ad will be taken down the moment it is sold. Thanks.


amp amplifier sears silvertone vintage tube

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