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1956 Silvertone Danelectro U2 in Dallas TX for $595

I would usually balk at paying $600 for a Dano but this 1956 U2 in beautiful Coral Red is a heck of a nice guitar for the money. If you have any question about the playablity of these guitars just check out any of the videos of Jimmy Page playing Kashmir on his vintage Dano. Sublime.

This seller goes to great length to describe the guitar accurately so he sounds like a reliable source.


1956 Silvertone/Danelectro “U2” Guitar - $595 (Flower Mound)

Date: 2011-04-04, 2:43PM CDT
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1956 Silvertone/Danelectro “U2” Guitar
Coral red
Serial # 1036

This guitar is not a reissue! It was manufactured and introduced in 1956. It’s a very playable vintage guitar in great condition. It’s also completely original – with the exception of the rear strap pin and two new capacitors.

According to the serial number on the guitar (#1036), combined with my calculations and research, this beauty left the factory in the second week of March of 1956. I also did a POT CODE search (both pots #1377446 (volume and tone are combined)), were made by CTS Corporation (Chicago Telephone Supply) in the 46th week of 1944 or 1954.

Coral Red

3/8" thick Masonite top and back. Sides, neck and bridge blocks are constructed of a Poplar frame, stapled together. The unpainted sides are covered in a whitish vinyl material. Single cutaway, 13.25" wide. Known as the "U" model body.

The sound of a U2 is distinctive of the Danelectro guitar, coming from its lipstick pickups which when both selected are wired in series rather than the more standard parallel used today by most big brands.

Poplar bolt-on neck with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Non-adjustable steel truss rod. Frets show very little wear.

Kluson Ideal G-132 tuners. Original.

U2 concentric-type knobs. That is, each potentiometer "stem" actually has two controls with separate knobs "hugging" each other to control both volume and tone.

BRIDGE: Stainless steel with a small piece of rosewood used as a saddle.

NUT: aluminum

- It’s 54 years old!
- There are some nicks on the back of the neck.
- The vinyl trim around the body shows some wear.
- I replaced the old Tootsie-Roll capacitors with new ones because the tone control was not up to snuff (The caps were old. It happens). Now it is. However, we can always put the old ones back in. I did not change any wiring configuration whatsoever! Or the original specs on the components from the factory. All other electronic components and hardware (pickups, pots, 3-way switch, tuners, keys, knobs, nut, pickguard and bridge) are original. No surface has been refinished.
- The lower half of the neck lipstick pickup cover has a hairline crack in it (this does not effect its function at all.)
- Comes with a gig bag.
- The neck is dead-straight.
- Virtually no buckle rash.

If you’re interested, drop me a line.



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