Monday, April 11, 2011

Kalamazoo tube amp in Boston area for $299

Kalamazoo amps are sort of hit or miss. Some people love them - I think they are just okay. This is an interesting one because it was designed a bass amp so with 7591 tubes it should be much more powerful than a more common s;tudent amp like a Kalamazoo Model 2. Also, I think two 10's is a great speaker commbination for guitar.


Kalamazoo (Gibson) Bass 30 Amp (for Guitar or Harp) - $299 (Framingham)

Date: 2011-04-09, 5:39AM EDT
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This is my Kalamazoo Bass 30 amp manufactured by Gibson on June 22, 1966. This vintage amp sounds great for guitar or harp in the studio or live. You may remember that classic line “Poorboy twangs the rhythm out on his kalamazoo” from Creedence Clearwater's “Down of the Corner.” Here’s one of those amps. I’m selling to move on to the next project.

See a guitar demo of the amp at . The Kalamazoo Bass 30 really shines with some preamp gain added and sounds very unique with effects in front of it. Here is a harp player blowing through a smaller Kalamazoo. showing the great tone that the Kalamazoo produces. To learn more about Kalamazoo amps generally here is a link:

On this Kalamazoo I relocated the controls to the front and added an orange plexi plate to display the tubes in operation. Here are some more details about the amp:

• I replaced the 2 “7591’s” with new JJ Electronics’ Power Amp Tubes from Amplified Parts.
• I replaced the 2 “6EU7’s” with new Sovtek Pre-Amp Tubes
• The so-called “death” cap was removed from the AC line and I converted the plug to a 3-prong grounded plug.
• The large orange filter caps (which are electrolytic caps in the power supply) were replaced with a new multi-can (from You Do It Electronics) as is always recommended with a vintage amp like this.

The speakers are the original 2 Jensen 10 Inch Speakers which sound fantastic. The cabinet is enclosed and the speakers can be connected to other power amplifiers. They roared when I connected them to my Marshall head.

Feel free to come plug in and take a listen. Thanks for looking.

•Location: Framingham

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