Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fender Super 60 Tube combo in Los Angeles for $250

These are decent tube amps from the 1980's that have a loyal following. The Fender engineers pushed the power tubes pretty hard in these so the cleans are not "sparkling" but they get nice and crunchy as you turn up the gain or Master volume so pretty good for gnarly rockin' blues or classic rock.

One of the drawbacks of Fender amps from this period is the cheap plastic input jacks and knob stems - but if you don't abuse them they hold up fairly well.

$250 is below average market value on these. Oh and these get plenty loud.


Fender Super 60 tube amp - $250 (silverlake)

Date: 2011-06-23, 1:08PM PDT
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Fender Super 60 Red Knob tube amp designed by Rivera in the late 80's. I bought this in 1997. Two channel with reverb combo amp into 1 - 12" fender speaker (see pics)

$250 firm

•Location: silverlake


  1. Hey Jim, I'm actually looking at buying one of these in my area in near mint condition for $275. Just curious if you can confirm or deny the "Rivera built" statement that gets thrown around alot with these. I can't seem to find a definitive answer, but it would have been the very tail end of his time at Fender. Are these point-to-point? Thanks!

  2. I would not consider any of the redknob Fenders to be "Rivera built." The Paul Rivera period at Fender only officially lasts from 1982-86 and all those amps were built at the FUllerton factory. Once FMIC took over and moved production to Japan and Corona it was PC boards (like the Red Knobs) and no more hand-wired production. The Official Paul Rivera Designed amps are the Twin Reverb II, the Deluxe Reverb II, Princeton Reverb II, Champ II, the Super Champ and the Concert Reverb. He was also involved in the Harvard and Yale Solid State amps of this period.

    A great resource on Rivera or "II" period Fender amps is located here at:

    - JIm C


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