Friday, June 3, 2011

Harmony Sovereign sells for $449 + $40 shipping on eBay - WOW! Prices going up...

I listed a Teisco a few weeks back that sold for a high price on eBay and now here is another surprise sale. This Harmony Sovereingn in far from perfect vintage condition - just sold for $449 + $40 shipping. I don't think I've ever even seen a Sovereign listed for over $400 so that is a real surpricse.

The legend of the "Stairway to Heaven" acoustic opening is apparently taking its toll.


Vintage Harmony Sovereign Jumbo H1265

Up for bid is a really cool Harmony Jumbo H1265 guitar. I bought this guitar at a garage sale about a year ago and just have too many projects. There are a lot of write ups on this guitar model, so it would be a good idea if you check some guitar sites as to this particular model. First off, this guitar is in pretty good shape considering its age (40+ years). It sounds rather good. The neck is very straight and has good action, no buzzing on the frets. When I recently put strings on the guitar (for the first time) it plays well . There is a buzzing at the saddle which should take very short time to fix. This is why I did not trim strings. The tuners are miss matched, two are not orginal, but they do look close. There is a crack in the back of the guitar. The crack (not scratch) is 5 inches long and should be repaired. The crack does not affect playing or sound. There is a missing bottom pick guard. The body has a good outline of where the pick guard was. I do have the top pick guard. The pick guards are off the guitar and the "glue stains" are present. There are nicks and scratches on the guitar, but for it's age, Like I said it's in good shape. The case I beleive is original and is in fair shape. There are some places where the stitching is coming apart. This is a really neat guitar for someone who likes the classics and willing to clean it up a little. Sounds like a old Guild guitar I once owned, Doesn't sound as good as good Martin etc. Just a good old Classic guitar made in the good old USA. The guitar will be packed very well in it's case and in a guitar box and detuned. Shipping in the U.S. only. The starting bid is very low, so enjoy bidding and good luck!

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