Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SOLD - Nice set neck Guyatone w/ 1964 DeArmonds in Long Beach CA for $300

SOLD - This guitar went very fast - Jim C

UPDATE: I found out this is a Guyatone LG60 - circa 1959. You can see pics of it's brother the Guyatone LG50 in the hand of Hank Marvin (Shadows) and Ringo Starr (apparently a drummer of some sort).

These have very fat necks (good for slide) and the original pickups were supposedly weird and a bit of a problem so this one would be a better more playable axe than when it was new. There is an LG60B on ebay right now for $1300 but I doubt that is a current fair market price. With the changed pickups this is less collectible but might be more desirable.


This looks like a very cool guitar - especially for slide or retro blues etc. Looks to be all maple, maybe semi hollow/chambered or maybe solid. It is a set neck which is a big plus and those DeArmonds look like a perfect fit.

In my imagination this would sound just like a Harmony H44 or Kay Vanguard, bright and present with nice sustain. But of course you'd have to play it to find out. I love the 3 position switch - just like a 1950's Chicago built guitar.


Guyatone Guitar w/DeArmond's - $300 (405/605)

Date: 2011-09-13, 7:46PM PDT
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Guayatone guitar from the late 1950's
DeArmond pick up's installed later.
The pick ups are stamped on the rear, 1964.
$300 firm. I will only move from this number if you want to go up.
Small lightweight gig bag to with it.

Thanks for looking.

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•Location: 405/605

Note to my readers: I found this pic of an original Guyatone LG50 that was labeled as a STAR and sold in Australia. - JC

Check it out:


  1. i think i have the this very same guitar. just bought it over the weekend for 85$. have anymore info on it?

    Pete from Canada

  2. Vintage Guyatones are more common in Australia and Europe than here in the United States. They didn't begin to import them regularly until KENT started distributing them under their own label. Of course Canada is a whole different market. - JC


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