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Bartell Contessa custom Combo tube amp in York PA for $475

I doubt this amp is still for sale (the listing is 5 weeks old) but I wanted to highlight it because you don't see these Paul Barth designed Bartell amps very often. That said I think the seller is being a bit over the top in comparing this to a 1965 Twin Reverb - since this is basically a 4 input tube PA amp. I suppose he may have modified the design to be more guitar friendly.

That said, Paul Barth is one of the early California engineers involved in electic guitar and amplifier design. He worked for National and Magnatone as well as helping found Rickenbacker. These Contessa's were made under contract to Hohner. They also made guitars and basses, all through the 1960's at their Riverside CA factory.

Here is a link that will tell you more about Bartell.


Vintage 2X12 Tube Amp Boutique Twin Reverb Killer! - $475 (york)

Date: 2011-11-06, 2:43PM EST
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If you are looking for a blackface, 60's Twin reverb but don't want to pay $2000. . .
Here you go .What this is, is a very rare made in USA tube amp chassis installed into a new custom fitted 2x12 cabinet. The amp itself is called a Hohner Contessa Pa 55R. It is made by Bartell amplifiers of California in the mid 60's. The amp is all original and very powerful. It is powered by a pair of old RCA USA black plate 6l6's, as well as four smaller vintage tubes. It has a long reverb pan and the reverb sounds incredible, as does the butter cream tone of the amp. It gets loud and stays clear, or use the master volume to overdrive the amp at useable levels. The amp runs dead quiet at idle which would make it a great recording amp. This EASILY competes with any blackface tone. . .I have had quite a few different blackface and silverface Fenders so when I say it has killer tone, I like to think that I know what I am talking about. You will absolutely love this tone without the high pricetag.The reverb is the deepest I have ever heard. When cranked it all but overpowers the surf rock. I only keep it at about three on the knob and that is plenty for me.
It has the original long accutronics reverb tank.
As far as the brightness...I wouldn't at all consider this a dark sounding amp. I would actually say this is very close to blackface tone with a little more of a fender "brown" sound... but not dark like an old Silvertone or Ampeg.

The amp was designed by Paul Barth. . .he is credited as co-inventor of a little thing called. . .
The Electric Guitar!!!(maybe you've heard of it)
He was instrumental in the founding of Rickenbacker and Magnatone and helped create the first electric guitar pick-up for Rickenbacker called. . .the electric frying pan. Bartell was his later company.

The cabinet is new. Made of plywood with a natural wicker weave grill. The "Satellite" logo
Was added by me. . .it is off of an old car. The speakers are two Celestion G12H-90 watts.
All of the power you can throw at them. They have a very nice punch and tone.
The amp has four 1/4 " inputs with independent reverb on each channel. . .Fenders didn't even have that yet.
Included is an A/B footswitch to switch fron one channel set for your rhythm, to a second channel set for your overdriven lead.
You will absolutely LOVE this tone...The reverb is also foot-switchable.
Don't be just another Fender Lackey...blow them all away!
I would estimate this at about 50 watts or so...very loud!
Come on over and crank it up!
The original pine/black tolex head cabinet is included as well if you would want to put it back to original.
$475 firm or trades considered.
P.S. This is a very large and very heavy amp just so you know.

•Location: york

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