Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fender 1982 (Rivera) Twin Reverb II Amp in Marina Del Rey for $500

Here is a very nice serious gigging amp for not a lot of money. These Fender Twin Reverb II amps were part of the last of the hand wired (non-PCB) tube amps to come out of the old Fullerton Plant. Designed by Fender's then Chief of Engineering Paul Rivera this was part of the line of well-thought out channel switching amps that included the Super Champ, Princeton II, Concert Reverb (aka Concert II) and the Twin Reverb II. I had a 1983 Concert Reverb for many years and I can attest that it was a monster with a wide range of great tones and a stellar clean channel along with excellent tube reverb.

This Twin is a 105 watt 2 x 12 combo amp with an addded gain channel and mid-boost as well as the standard Fender Twin Clean Channel and a nice tube driven reverb (there is no tremolo on any of these Rivera era amps). Don't expect Marshall or mesa Boogie tone from the lead channel on this amp. It is better suited to creating a contoured boosted lead tone similar to an overdrive pedal (but with tube saturation). The amp weighs 75 lbs and gets very loud. $500 is a terrific price for this much tube amp - a new Rivera Chubster would run you triple that and it would only be 40 watts.


Fender Twin Reverb II - $500 (Marina Del Rey)

Date: 2011-12-13, 10:57PM PST
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Must part with this vintage '82 Fender Twin Reverb II. Made here in America.
Black face. 2 Channel, 2x12 Tube combo all 100% original with lead channel/reverb switch and casters.

Tolex is in excellent condition. Grill cloth fully in tact, no rips. Power switches conveniently located on front panel.
Recently serviced at the Amp shop in Sherman Oaks. Sounds killer and looks terrific for its age.


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  1. hi Jim,

    I have a question about fender material.
    Can you give us a good pickup maker for stratocaster in USA ?
    coz i ve a great strat without pickups.


  2. Marc:

    Pikcup makers I recommend for Fender replacement pickups are:

    -- Fender! You can buy original replacements from them directly (Tex Mex are a good choice and the 57/62 are good as well). I recommend buying USA pickups (Custom Shop) for a USA made guitar.

    -- Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio and Lindy Fralin are also excellent replacement pickup makers.

    - JC

  3. Kinman pickups are the best that I have used - they sound so good that the fact they are noisless is a bonus

  4. I have the same amp but an export as I live in Liverpool England,i have lost the t630am fuse holders on mine as they blew,can anyone help me locate 2 more,i don't think th u.s model has 2 of these for some reason,the back panel layout is a little different,can anyone help me play my lovely amp again?

    1. I don't really understand what you need - are you missing the spring loaded fuse caps or are you missing the fuses or the entire fuse holder? I don't see how you could lose anything but the caps - and those should be pretty darn standard and easy to find at any amp supply. Also, T630ma fuses are not hard to locate either. - JC

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