Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BATTLES - Ice Cream Video - Just Because...

Okay, I admit this has not much to do with Vintage Guitars but every once in awhile something comes along and I just have to share it. I never heard of this band before but after seeing this video I checked them out and they are pretty darn cool. Total Nerd Rock with a serious artsy aggressive edge - kind of remind me of Muse but more artsy and nerdy. This is a really great video - they have another great video with Gary Numan singing that involves an escalator - extremely entertaining band. - JC


  1. Indeed great band. I had never heard this stuff before, it's very different from their prior records. At first listen, I'd say less good than earlier releases, but first listens do have a tendency to steer you wrong. They are (essentially) an instrumental band, so I'm assuming all the vocalists are guests. There was some use of vocals in their last record, Mirrored, but they were so heavily effected that I would still consider it an instrumental album. He is generally saying something, but what that something is, I have no idea. Plus there's quite a bit of humming/whistling/other non-lyrical vocals being piped into those effects. Whatever anybody wants to call it, it's certainly unique and to the best of my knowledge, completely original. I would encourage any of your readers to check this band out further. All of the members are former members of other excellent bands they may already be fans of. They're super awesome live and all of their albums have been good so far. I'm sure with a few more listens, I'll be raving about this newest one too. Do yourself a favor and check em out!

  2. I am not one to become entrenched in the past so I am always looking for new and interesting bands. Apparently this drummer was in Helmet, another band I never gave much attention to but that is certainly worth a listen or three. IMO the "New Metal" genre leaves much to be desired but there are occasional bands that rise to the top - this may be one of them. I am always hearing about bands I've never heard before - one of the great advantages of YouTube is the ability to hear and see just about any band that has every existed at the stroke of a key. - JC

  3. I would highly recommend Don Caballero, the album American Don, especially. It's the same guitarist, Ian Williams.


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