Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weber Super Reverb Clone in Long Beach CA area for $550

Here is another excellent tube amp for not a lot of money. These Weber kits are well crafted using high quality components and they usually cost a pretty penny. This is the vintage Fender Blackface Super Reverb circuit ala 1965. The speaker combo in this one is one of the best because it has two of the Weber Alnico 10's and two with ceramic magnets - that should give it lots of punch, with vintage tone and clarity.

I am sure that the "Snakeskin tolex" is what is keeping this amp from selling more quickly. I can't stand that look myself but some of you may be less offended aesthetically.

San Pedro is right next to Long Beach.


Fender Super Reverb Clone/ Weber - $550 (San Pedro)

Date: 2011-12-14, 10:26AM PST
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****PRICE DROP****

This is a point to point, hand wired- *Fender Super Reverb* Clone built from a Weber Kit. It comes with 4 10" weber speakers and a snakeskin tolex cabinet. ****BAD-ASS***

This is a great sounding amp, the way a Super is supposed to sound... puts the re-issue board mounted crap they're putting out now. I just have way too many amps and need to clear some stuff out. I have over $1400.00 inversted in the amp/ cab/ speakers.

I have way too many amps and this one needs a good home to someone who will play it more often than I do.

•Location: San Pedro

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  1. FWIW, there are those who note that some of the components in the Weber kits are sub-par (jacks, switches, tubes, etc.) as they source most of it from overseas to keep prices low and protect their margin. Some builders who use the kits will sub out the junk for quality parts.

    Also bear in mind that since it's a kit, unless a pro amp tech or very savvy DIY enthusiast has put it together, there may be issues that result from the build quality.

    I do think the Weber kits are very well thought out and can be built to high standards, but Caveat Emptor unless you know the builder's reputation.


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