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1966 Kalamazoo KG-2A in Dallas for $300

You don't really see these Kalamazoo guitars out there on stage in the Indie or Alt music scene and I don't really understand why. Sure they have a "pressed wood" body but these are vintage USA made guitars from the old Gibson factory in Kalamazoo MI.

This seller has done everything you can possibly do to make this one into a player. He replaced the tuners with Gotoh Vintage (i.e. Kluson style) and he put a badass adjustable bridge on it. My guess is he probably recouped a big part of his investment by selling the original wraparound tailpiece since those are the same units that came on the Gibson Les Paul Juniors.

I've never seen a black KG-2 so this may be a refin - most of these are either white, red or light blue (just like the Fender Mustangs they were designed to mimic). I've never played one of these so I'd be curious to hear from those who have.


'66 Kalamazoo KG-2A Gibson USA - $300 (Richardson/ Plano)

Date: 2012-03-02, 10:27AM CST

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Excellent condition made in Kalamazoo, Michigan Gibson plant circa 1966. Six on-a-stick tuners are upgraded to nickel fiinish Gotoh vintage tuners. Standard tail piece/ bridge upgraded to a "BadAss" wrap-around with Tone-Pros locking studs. The slide pick-up selector switch has been upgraded to the standard Gibson type toggle and a Fender style string tree was added for proper string angle across the nut. Intonation is set, neck is straight and she's ready to rock. Equipped with original factory Gibson Melody Maker single coil pick-ups. Nice quilted maple on tuning head, some on the neck also. Priced for quick sell. Please include contact info and item description with all inquiries.

~if it's still listed, it's still available~

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  1. I have played these. They play ok, I certainly prefer the neck on the (same era) Mustang. The pickups in these are great, however. They are certainly the same style as the Mustang but they sound different, not better or worse, just different. I'm pretty sure KG-2A pickups are the exact same as in the Melody Makers of this period which many readers may already be familiar with. I'm not sure about the pots and such, nor how much difference the construction makes, but sound wise, it should be very similar, if not identical, to the 2 pickup Melody Maker. There was a 3 pickup Melody Maker. I've only seen it in the SG body, they're fairly rare, and expensive these days. I saw one recently in the vintage room of the Hollywood Guitar Center priced $2899! I love the sounds you can get with the extra combinations available from that middle pickup. Anybody know if there was a 3 pickup KG(3A)? Anyone considering a 2 pickup Melody Maker might want to consider this Kalamazoo, it would save you a lot of money, especially anyone thinking of buying one of those new (crappy IMO) reissue Melody Makers. The KG-2A will completely kill a reissue, and you'd still save some bucks. If you're looking for a Mustang though, I'd just get the Mustang.


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