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Kustom 1960's Silver Sparkle Tuck n' Roll 4 x 10 amplifier in Denver for $250

This seller is offering a very hip amp - the Kustom Silver Sparkle Tuck and Roll 4x10. yes it is a solid state amplifier but this is about as cool a retro indie look as you can get on stage. These also make great keyboard amps.

If you happen to watch GLEE you know that the entire band on that show uses Kustom Red Sparkle tuck and roll amps. Don't ask how I know that (12 year old son).


60's Vintage Kustom 410 Guitar Combo Amp - $250 (Denver)

Date: 2012-03-07, 1:11PM MST
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This is an old amp from the 1960's. I believe it's a 1967 or 1968 model. The model number is K150-8. It was Kustom's version of the Fender Super Reverb. It is a self-contained guitar combo amp with 4 10" speakers. It has 2 channels, 1 wet, 1 dry. The wet channel (reverb) also has tremelo and vibrato (few amps have both) and a pull bright switch for the treble. There are 2 inputs per channel, one high and one low, per channel. There's a monitor output on the back. That may be Kustom's name for line out. I've not tested that jack. There's also a stereo footswitch jack on the back to control the reverb and tremelo/vibrato. There's a long power cord and convenient cord winder on the back. It's a 2 prong cord and a 3 way on-off switch. I recommend converting to a grounded outlet, but it works just fine right now. The speakers are in very good shape. The grill cloth is not torn. There are some rips in the roll and pleating fabric, but most can be mended. One handle is missing the grab handle. If I kept it, I would replace it with recessed handles, like modern amps have. Simple fix, and very effective.

If you have questions about this amp, or Kustom amps in general, give me a call. I grew up playing in a band in the 60's and we used Kustom amps (not this one, however). They were way ahead of their time and still have a huge fan base. There are some websites dedicated to Kustom where you can buy/sell/trade/ and get info on old Kustom amps.

It's a great size for gigging and with all the inputs, works well for multiple uses. It's plenty loud for most gigs. Everything works except for the reverb. I think there's an unplugged wire internally. Replacement reverb tanks are available. I just don't know how to replace one.

These are actual photos. Local sale only for cash, no exceptions. I'll remove the ad when it's sold. If you see this ad, then it's still for sale. I live near 100th and York in Thornton, where it can be seen and demo'd.

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  1. A friend of mine has one of these that is in need of repair. Do you know where I can find the schematics for this amp? Any repair suggestions? Neither channel works well (very noisy, poor distorted sound, low gain) and it even picks up radio stations! Can you offer any suggestions? Please forward comments to Please use Kustom Amp in the title so that it doesn't get lost in the junk mail. Thanks!


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