Friday, March 16, 2012

Awesome original 1956 Studio Footage of a Bigsby Double neck electric guitar

This is some mind blowing footage. The player is _______* and he is playing a rare (even at the time) Paul Bigsby built Double neck solid body electric guitar. Check out the awesome Chuck Berry - James Burton style licks and the killer tone!

One of the best parts is at the end when the recording engineer says: "That guitar is really distawted - guess we better do it again." LOL!!

This is courtesy of _____ family who posted it on youtube. Sadly ____ died a few years ago but there are some other videos of the guitar that is still in their possession - check it out.

Here is a modern close up examination of the guitar. Try not to fall out of your seat at some of the hilarious comments made by the grandsons about the guitar.

Note: * I have no idea if the player on these videos is G___ Martin or not so I am purposefully not identifying him as such. I don't see the name emblazoned on the guitar (as it was on all of G__ M___'s guitars) so there is no way to know for sure. Just doing it that way out of respect for the player and his family. - JC


  1. I suspect that the whole thing's a fake. Whoever made a video (or film) showing someone playing guitar with the camera focused on the guitar only BEFORE YouTube?

    Nice demo, but that's no-one's dead Grandpa.

  2. That black and white video is not from the 1950s. If you follow some of the other links for videos of this guitar you will see clearly modern, color video of the same person wearing the same clothes in the same "studio" space.

  3. I agree that upon closer inspection it all may be some kind of fake or spoof video footage. Even the guitar - though incredibly similar to grady Martin's - has some discrepencies; like the fact it has a 6 string n top vs. the 5 string "mandolin" on Grady's - and it has only two pickups on the bottom whereas Grady's had 3. It may be an original Bigsby model or it may be a well-made copy.

    Sorry, but I have no way of authenticating any of this stuff that appears on YouTube. - Jim C

  4. The first song he starts to play is "The Train Kept A Rollin'" by Johnny Burnette and The Rock n Roll Trio.

  5. Definitely fake and that's not even a real Bigsby guitar! That's a replica. Look at the other videos.


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