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Hofner 173 solid body electric in Mass for $475

This seller is offering a rare and funky Hofner solid-body electric form the 1960's. I used to have a Hofner COlorama and it had the "vinyl striping" around it like this one which means it should also have the "plastic coating" on the body. This is similar to the Airline-Supro Reso-glas type body but with more of a complete wooden core underneath.

Hofners were always unique guitars so it's rare to see one so closely imitating a Strat. That said this guitar still has unique elements like the tailpiece, pickups and control configuration. I would expect this to be a pretty darn nice guitar.

BTW: If you are a bargain hunter like me you will note several things about this sellers guitar that make it appealing. 1 - it has what looks like a perfect original case OHSC. 2 - it has the original Whammy bar - which can be a real PITA to find. 3 - All the original tuners and buttons are intact - another tough find if one or more were missing. I usually buy guitars that are missing one or more of these elements and then spend months trying to locate replacement parts. - JC

Steve Russell runs a terrific Hofner guitar site with lots of photos and upon looking at that site I would estimate this is a post 1966 but pre-1970's model 173 since it has the fancier dot marker layout on the neck and the solid chrome Hofner pickup covers but it also has the individual switches for each pickup.

here is a link to that website HOFNER GUITARS GALLERY


*** 1960's HOFNER 173 SOLID BODY*** - $475 (SS)

Date: 2012-03-05, 11:40PM EST
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This is a real neat German Hofner Solidbody 173 with a Pewter Metallic body with a Gold mist on the front. Everything else is original. The neck plays smooth and kind of reminds me of a Fender Mustang which is a little fatter than a Strat. The rubber around the body is original and is a little beat up. Everything else is in great shape being a vintage guitar. The pickguard is custom made, the original is deformed and has scratch marks on it,however it will be included with the guitar. This is a cool guitar,fun to play and has many tone options. Has that classic 60's Vibe. Comes with original case in excellent cond.

Pics to follow or request.


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