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Upgraded/modified Silvertone 1482 tube combo amp in Cleveland for $325

Readers of this blog know my fondness for the Danelectro built Silvertone amps and I put the 1482 at the to of that list. This seller is offering his "gigging amp," a 1482 that's been professionally modified with a Fender 5E3 type tone circuit and a filter cap selector switch to give it three different gain options. The speaker baffle upgrade is a plus since a cheap original baffle is one of the downsides of these amps when stock (they can rattle at higher volume). The look is altered a bit by the speaker "grate" but I understand the choice. Nice amp for a nice price.


Silvertone 1482 vintage tube amp - $325 (Parma - South)

Date: 2011-11-21, 9:29PM EST
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1960's Silvertone Model 1482 all-tube guitar amplifier. Tubes appear to be original except I replaced the 12AX7s. Original Fisher speaker.

Modifications performed by technician include:
- New "orange drop" coupling caps
- New cathode resistor
- Tone control modified to "Fender 5E3" circuit
- Upgraded 3 prong power cord
- Cathode bypass capacitor switch to switch between .22uf and .47uf cap and no cap on the instrument channel. This modification provides for added overdrive. The .22uf is standard Fender style cbc on most preamp circuits. The hole in the chassis used was the second instrument channel input jack. The hole was drilled out slighly to fit the switch.

A custom schematic of these mods is included, and reversing the mod is easily done - but I dont think you will want to!

I believe the filter caps were replaced, but I can not confirm. The amp has no hum, an indication they were replaced.

Modification I performed:
Upgraded 3/4" plywood speaker baffle. Creates more solid improved tone. The original "diamond cut-out" baffle is included.

The original back panel does not sit-in flush due to the thicker baffle.
A custom-made back panel with cutout for speaker magnet is included.
Cabinet covering is in good condition with some fraying on corners.

This was my main gigging amp 2-3 gigs/month 2009-2010, and it performed very well.

Silvertone 1482 - makes a great gift!

•Location: Parma - South


  1. Hello,
    This blew my mind when I saw this. Back in 1975, I recieved this amp as a gift; I was 14 and learning to play guitar. I remember the great-sounding tremolo, but other than that I was too young to appreciate what I had. It ended up being part of "experiments" like amplifying my Kent accoustic and such, and it kind of disintergrated after a few years. I know my original 1482 doesn't exist anymore, but I would almost give up sex for a year to own another one. Let's exchange emails; I want to learn more about this awesome amp, and maybe we could help each other.
    Two questions now: How many watts does it put out? Is the 12" impedance?
    Oh, and one more: Isd there a place I could download the schematics?

    1. 15 WATTS
      The Schematic is listed here:

      I have a bunch of clips with pics of a dead mint one I bought last year here:


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