Saturday, August 25, 2012

1965 Klira Jazzmaster style electric in Granby VCT for $550

This seller is offering a German made Jazzmaster copy from 1965.  I have no idea if this is a decent sounding or playing guitar but look at all that chrome!  LOL!  Very cool looking guitar with lots of bling.  I've never seen one of these before but of course I am far from an expert on European guitars.  Neat listing.

I can't comment on the price other than to say I don't know what he is basing it on.  But it is very shiny!

Update:  It appears the seller is correct about this being a Klira because I found another Klira model on the Guitarz website that has the identical tailpiece and pickup combination - though on a different body.  here is the link: 

Vintage 65 German Made "Jazz Master" - $550 (Granby, CT)

Date: 2012-08-24, 2:41PM EDT

Hello: What we have here is a German made "Jazz Master" styled guitar. The guitar has been refurbished and identified by a local guitar a "Klera" Brand guitar made in the 1960ies. There are no brand markers. The guitar was identified through the guitar tech's experience and the study of pictures. Guitars made in Germany...such as Framus, Hoffner, and Klera often traded and used the same parts. Although this does look similar to some japanese models of the era, these parts are a higher quality and reflect german manufacturing. The only marking on the gutiar is on the inside and it reads "November 11th 1965".

The guitar is in excellent working condition. All electronics are fully functional. The tremelo has a tremendous action...similar to a bigsby. The neck and fretts were in rough shape, so the finger board was re-leveled and new medium jumbo fretts were installed as was a new bone nut. The neck was given a "compound radius" and has a tremendous feel. It is a very thick neck. The guitar is attached to the body through machine screws and is a very tight fit. The body is believed to be mahagonny as is the neck- which has a rosewood fingerboard. The tuners work well. The guitar was given a schaller roller bridge as the original bridge was lost in time. All and all the guitar is in very good condition and has been rehabbed professionally. There are a few dings and age lines in the finish. The guitar has many tonal switching possibilities and sounds killer and unique. No case is included with this guitar.

Looking for something vintage, different, and cool...This may be your next space flight.

Offers will be entertained... Please- no low ballers...I'm looking for a respectable transaction.


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  1. This is a German FASAN


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