Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kay N-6 flat-top acoustic in Medford, NJ area - seller will trade for MIM Strat

This seller is offering what appears to be a 1950's or 1960's Kay N-6 acoustic for a reasonable price or trade for a MIM Strat or Tele or similar electric.   Model numbers can often be confusing on Kay guitars and the model N-6 appears on both flat top and archtop acoustics as well as a few F-hole electric models.  Just looking at this guitar in the photos shows me a solid Spruce Top and a fully bound neck and body and a bound soundhole which would at least put this on par with a Harmony H-162.  It is a nice looking vintage instrument and I would love to hear from someone who has played these to give some idea of the tone.


FT/FS: 1960s Kay Flat Top Acoustic (USA/Must See) (Medford or Hammonton, NJ)

Date: 2012-08-02, 4:32PM EDT
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Beautiful Kay N-6 flat top acoustic from the late early '60s. It was made in the USA and was not a student model. This rig fell into one of Kay's nicer lines. The guitar was purchased from the original owner who hardly strummed a chord. There isn't any pick swirl or signs of heavy use anywhere. Literally, everything is in great condition and I just set it up with a set of Martin Medium/lights, cleaned the frets up etc. The original tuners hold tune perfectly. It really sounds and plays awesome. The finish is beautiful too, it a sweet tobacco sunburst bound by a western style binding. It has kind of a desperado/outlaw vibe to it. It is perfect for picking or blues etc. The action is low and neck is straight. Most players know that is very hard to find on these old Kay/Harmony acoustics. It really would be a prime candidate for recording or playing out. I'd prefer to trade this guitar for a Mexican Stratocaster, Telecaster, or a decent electric. Or make me a cash offer, but I'd prefer a trade.


  1. I used to have an H-162. They sound pretty nice and usually play fairly average (no adjustable truss rod). The one in question has really sweet binding and a nice looking top but the trapeze tailpiece worries me. I don't see how there could be any downward pressure on the top.

    In this case I wouldn't mind modifying it with a real pin bridge. That's just me though.

  2. I just found one of these in the goodwill where my wife works.
    Whoever owned it in the past swapped the tail piece for a pin bridge.
    I paid $5.33. Pretty rough but plays like a dream and sounds rad.


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