Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1990 Strat Plus in Venice, CA for $650

This seller is offering a nice deal on a good looking Arctic White 1990 Stratocaster Plus.  I called and spoke with him and he is the original owner; he bought it new back in 1990.  He said it's been sitting unplayed since he has stopped playing guitar the past few years but it is in excellent shape and is 100% original.

The Strat Plus is a unique model that differs from the Standard and the Deluxe in several ways.  It was made from 1984 until some time in the 1990's and if you want to learn more about the history here is a website that will tell you as much as you could ever want to know:   FENDER STRAT PLUS INFO    

The seller of this guitar is aware that he is already offering it at a good price so don't bother calling and trying to lowball or nickel and dime him.  Yes, the handle on the tweed case is broken but that is not an expensive fix and he is already discounting the guitar.  The first person who shows up with $650 cash will get themselves a nice guitar at a nice price.   Interestingly, the seller lives on a street called Electric Avenue. 



Fender Strat + - $650 (Venice)

Date: 2012-08-29, 11:20AM PDT

Selling my Stratocaster +. Hardly played and works perfectly. I am the first owner and i bought in 1990. Comes with a case. Unfortunately the handle of the case is broken.

Give me a call if you are interested. 310-***-****


  1. yr blog is still my favorite after all this time. still check at least 3 times a week. in fact! i finally bought a '66 vox to pair with my 1481 silvertone. i just sit and tremolooo for days. thank you so much for having this blog. p.s. i stumbled over a picture of one of will oldham's guitars.. it is beautiful. think it might be a national? but can't quiet tell. maybe you might be able to identify it? could i send you the pic?

    1. Thanks for the nice words. I have been working on writing a novel/memoir so I haven't been putting as much time into the blog but it is still a passion of mine so glad to have a fan.

      Feel free to send me a photo (or a link to a photo) - I am not an exert but I can always try my best to help. My contact email is - Jim C

  2. here we go! sorry for all the trouble. and multiple posts.

    1. That guitar is a National Resolectric. They are very hard to find and highly prized by collectors and slide players.

      Here is a link to a page where Michael Messer talks all about his with a fan (with several photos). You have to cut and paste the link to get there.

  3. I talked to this guy minutes after he posted and he told me it was refinished early in it's life and that it was originally electric blue. He didn't seem to know anything about guitar values from our exchange, or that repainting it would be a bad thing. I told him that he was asking a particularly good price if it were all original, but that the refinish negated that. If he is saying it's all original now... I hate to say it... but I think he's lying...

    The fact is, it's still a nice guitar for the money, but ONLY AS A PLAYER! Collector-wise, this guitar has been spoiled and is worth no more than $4-500. I'm not even saying don't buy it, I really like the Plus Strats and I really like the finish on his, but be aware what you're buying. And under the circumstances, I think it would be perfectly fine to nickel and dime him a little, it's not original.

    1. Nelson: Thanks for that info. It does make a difference, though I don't know if many people are looking at these as specific "collector" guitars at this early stage. Most of the guitars I list here (and the ones I buy) are player grad anyway. Serious collectors will balk at the idea of a replacement string tree or an upgraded strap button. I don't play in that league (because i can't afford too LOL). - JC

  4. beautiful! thanks so much! i did a little research of what i could find... was the guitar only made from the late 80s to the early 90s? or are there 50s/60s incarnations? it just has such a deep character to it -- i just imagine it to be of a different era.


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