Friday, March 12, 2010

1960's Sano and Lectrolab Tube amps in Fort Dodge IA - $350

This seller wants $450 for the Sano and $350 for the Lectrolab and while those may not be such great prices but maybe you can cut a deal.  Looks like he's had most of the work done on these other than the cosmetics.

I mostly posted this to archive the info about the Lectrolab - very rare to see these for sale and this one is a bass amp!  Of course it is the usual dual EL84 that Lectrolab often used.  He says it is a 1963 model - though I'd wonder how he knows the year (maybe from the pot and speaker codes). 


Vintage 60's Tube Amps- Cheap - $350-450

Date: 2010-03-10, 11:23AM CST

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I have a 66 Sano amp, 2x12 CTS spks, 2-7591 pwr tubes, 5AR4 rectifier, 3- 12AX7, 1-12AU7, 1-7199. Has original cover. Power supply has been recaped and coupling caps have been replaced, resisters checked. All tubes are older and test good and sound good. Has Reverb and Tremolo. Nice chimey clean and it does the blues and rock thing. About 24 watts. Cathode biased. I hooked it up to a vintage P12N and a Red Fang and it really opened up. Ready to go for a many more years. $450

The other amp is a 63 Lectrolab, 1-15 C15P, Jensen, 2-EL84, 2-12AX7, about 16 watts. This amp has been thru the shop with cap job and the checkup. A cathode bypass cap was added on the first preamp to give it some gain. It was designed for bass and I guess they wanted it clean. Think Marshall or Vox kinda thing. Sparkling clean with a nice roar when pushed. No bells or whistles. Cab was painted black. Very tidy tag board construction. $350

More pics available. Questions? Please ask. Prices are very firm. I'm an hour NW of FT Dodge but willing to meet if interested. Thanks for looking.
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