Monday, March 8, 2010

Catalina brand Kay acoustic in Houston TX for $50

I always liked the blonde neck on these Kays - they must've made millions of  these - and alot are still around.  I've had a half dozen over the years.  They are fairly hit or miss: sometimes play well - sometimes don't - but it's easy to shim the neck on these bolt one acoustics.  

Vintage 1950's Catalina Guitar - Blues - $50 (Houston - Heights)


Date: 2010-03-07, 12:05PM CST

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This is a vintage original Catalina acoustic guitar. I think Catalina was made by KAY? The body and neck are in very good condition but the guitar needs a bridge, new nut, and repair to one of the tuning keys. I think this guitar would produce a really nice old blues sound... Feel free to contact me if you have any questions... 832-922-7607
Location: Houston - Heights


  1. I have one of these that my mom trading s&h green stamps for when I was very small. The neck is extremely worn as this was the guitar I spent much time on in my teens. She gave it to me a few years ago and I still play it often. It's funny about needed a nut and tuning key. Mine has a penny dad brazed on and a wooden nut he carved out. If you still have it, I might be interested. Thanks for posting! Joe

  2. JoeChow07@hotmail.comApril 28, 2014 at 10:37 AM

    HI I also have this exact guitar,I paid for two hundred dollars at a music shop.I see that's it's said that is a fifties built guitar? I read others say it's a 60s guitar.Too bad I can't get the real date on it 50s or 60s?There's no lable either inside the sound hole? So,the picture of this vintage I've got!I played at gigs with it,and sounds awesome! In fact I put a (Baggs called pickup in it ) If you could tell me this guitar is a 50s made? Then the guitar is older than I saw written on my research about it? Thanks for your precious time to read about my Kay accousic guitar.Yours truly Joe Chow from Vancouver,B.C (


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