Saturday, March 27, 2010

Music Man 110 RD Combo in St.Louis for $350

People either love or don't know about the Music Man amps.  Personally, any amp that was designed, built and overseen by Leo Fender himself at every stage  is a serious work of art to me.  These 110 RD's are incredible little two channel amps that have dual 6L6 output tubes, seperate eq for each channel, a single 12AX7 for one channel (phase inverter and distortion) and somehow push 50 tube watts thru a single 10 inch ceramic speaker.  This stands up well against a Super Champ, though the distortion is less high gan - oh and did I mention it also has footswitchable REVERB!

Like all Leo Fender designs these amps are basically bulletproof.  Probably good for another 30+ years easy.


Vintage Music Man Tube amp-USA made::sale/trade - $350 (Jeff Co)


Date: 2010-03-27, 10:52AM CDT

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This is a 1981 Music Man RD110. It has a 10" speaker, brand new tubes, footswitch and amp cover.

This amp is 50w it has lots of power and is very easy to haul around. Everything works as it should, Great for playing out. There is tape covering a small hole in the grill, this does not effect playability in anyway.

I am interested in trading for a nice acoustic/electric or possibly an epiphone les paul with a case.

Otherwise I would sell for 350 cash,firm.

Location: Jeff Co


  1. I have one of these.. Amazing amp, but a bit noisy for the studio.

  2. This amp was NOT "designed, built and overseen at every stage" by Leo Fender - that's a myth. Leo worked at another factory across town with George Fullerton making guitars. These amps were designed, built and overseen by TOM WALKER along with Babe Simoni the greatest production amp cabinet maker ever and later Mark Wentling who did some revisions on the amp. There were three primary versions of the RD-50, two different boards and one with a mid-shift in place of the channel switch.

    Leo contributed to the design of the earlier MM amps (that used a 12ax7 phase inverter) but had nothing to do with the RD-50 which was designed later.

    Tom Walker is the genus behind the MM amps and he needs to get his due. This man was a giant in amp design and manufacturing management.

  3. I've had this amp for over 20 years and I'd put it up against a Mesa Boogie any day. The pinnacle in price and portability with tons of vintage tone and character. The tubes get a bit noisy as they age but it does fine in the studio.

  4. Hello,
    I have a Musicman RD 110 fifty and I like it very much. But now I hear a kind of buzz or whir when I play soft tones. As I know that this is an Evoice speaker and that it costs quite a lot of money I wonder if I can use a different speaker in my Musicman and want to ask what kind of speaker you can recommend that is not that expencive but does its job on the amp as well.
    I already had this speaker mended once by a really skilled guy and he said that it was worth the try because these speakers are very good. But when I hear this buzzing or whirling again, i should probably concider a new speaker. So if somebody can tell me what kind of speaker I could try instead, please tell me. Thanks in advance. Best regards


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