Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fender 1980 Lead II USA guitar in Portland for $300

Here is a very nice deal on a cool player though not really a collector guitar.  The Lead II is not well known.  They were Fender's last attempt at making a full-size USA made lower cost student guitar before creating the Bullet and Squier lines in the 80's.  This one is a 1980, all Maple and maybe ash - these are fairly heavy and solid guitars with a string through hardtail and nice fast 30 year old maple neck.  You may recall that Steve Morse played one of these back in the day.  They sustain very well.  I can't vouch for the EMG active pickups but you can play it and decide for yourself.  The knock on these was that the lower cost finish didn't hold up well from the factory - but this one still looks good to me.  All I can say is, $300 for a Fullerton made USA Fender electric guitar.  Not bad.


Vintage Fender U.S.A. Lead 2 Guitar - $300 (Reed College)


Date: 2010-03-16, 9:39PM PDT

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This is a beautiful wood grain Lead 2 electric guitar is in good condition equipped with dual active EMG pickups. (Pickups alone cost $125 each.) Classic "F" tuners. New strings. Amazing playing and sounding vintage fender guitar.

The serial number is very low: E00577 circa early 1980. Made in U.S.A.

Bono of U2 played a black Lead 2 with a single humbucker on the War Tour in 1983.

BARGAIN price $300cash firm I have an amp u can test it out on Call 231-350-2669 asap!!! Peace.


Location: 4812 SE 28th Place 97202

PS: Today is Wednesday and I'm home and available but also very busy selling many other items as well so please keep calling back if I don't pick up the first time. Thank you for your paitence.



  1. Uh 300 bucks is a steal and the numbers on this lead 2 show it was made before mine, Mine is the same year but is like 3000 more down the line. Last I checked a lead 2 from 80 was worth more like 2-4000 dollars. Id keep a hold of it and not sell it well not for 300 bucks anyway

  2. I think $300 isn't a bad price, but I doubt it's a bargain. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the Lead II wasn't available in a natural finish. Which means this guitar is most likely refinished ... which would explain why the finish is in such good shape.


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