Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guild Maverick Vintage tube Bass Amp in Scranton PA for $240

Up until very recently guitarists and other vintage amp lovers have feared the 7591 power tube due to its extreme rarity in the NOS market and high replacement cost. Fisher Hi-Fi enthusiasts tended to horde the good tubes and kept market prices high. But a few years back JJ tubes came out with a terrific spec "small bottle" 7591 tube for about $30 so Guild, Gibson and Ampeg amp lovers can breathe a sigh of relief and use their old amps again.

To that end here is a nice Guild Maverick Bass amp - similar to the much loved Thunderbird - at an excellent price.


Guild USA 60w Tube Bass Guitar Amp Maverick 1970 1-15 Combo CTI - $240 (scranton)

Date: 2011-08-09, 4:35PM EDT
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Guild USA 60w Tube Bass Guitar Amp Maverick 1970 1-15 Combo.Original 15" CTI speaker.Beautiful 2 tone sparkle speaker cover.Has the 3 knobs replaced w/non matching knobs.Otherwise well preserved w/ some tolex pulling away toward the back bottom.I plugged my vintage Teisco Tulip 6 string guitar in & gunned it.This thing wails w/classic tube distortion.More of a collectors item than the pro amp it was when it came out(before xlr connections became the norm).Could be miked the way it was intended to be in 1970 for live performance.Everything works as it should.Very clean w/no issues other than cosmetic:some lite rust on the transformer & three repaired nicks in power cord.Has 1/4" extension speaker jack,hum balance control(no hum)& auxiliary ac outlet on the back panel.Has a cool vintage look w/well preserved color.Has beautiful tone color that only a tube amp can produce.

Here's some internet info:
The Maverick Bass amp was introduced in the twilight of tube amplifier production by Guild. This model utilized the same chassis and cabinet as the Maverick guitar amp. Unlike the guitar version, the bass amp has a sealed "infinite baffle" design speaker cabinet for better bass response. The circuit is relatively simple - a single channel with bass, treble and volume controls. This amp (along with the Kalamazoo Bass 30) is one of the few bass amps ever designed to use 7591 power tubes.

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  1. My Guild Maverick.Nice to see someone saved my ad.It sold for $200 in 2010-12 or so.


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