Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hound Dog Taylor Style Kawai S170 in Boston for $275

Any excuse to post this rare footage of Hound Dog Taylor live - enjoy!

I reader named Craig alerted me to this listing in Boston - most of the guitars listed here are not worth pursuing but the Kawai at the end is very similar to the SSL4 and other 1960's Kawai axes favored by the great slide guitarist Hound Dog Taylor. Check it out.

Great looking Photos on the post BTW - seller must be a pro photographer.


Cheap guitars for sale Kawai Teisco Hondo Kent Fender Squier Affinity - $100 (Waltham)

Date: 2011-08-16, 10:29AM EDT
Reply to: sale-wpkgu-2549521689@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

I have six guitars for sale, ranging from $100 to $275.

The first is a black Fender Starcaster with cool block fret markers for $100

Next is an Olympic White Affinity Squier (Fender) Strat (it looks more yellow in the photo) for $120

Then I have four cool Japanese guitars from the '70s, possibly even the '60s.

I have a Teisco Del Ray guitar (with logo... which is rare these days) which sounds awesome. $175

There's also a Japanese, possibly one of the many brand names like Kent, Teisco, Kimberly, guitar that is reminiscient of the Gibson SG. It also sounds great, with two P90-like pickups and "twang bar". $150

A strange guitar is this one that looks like a Gibson Melody Maker (very flat). I think it may actually be an early Hondo, before they became "Hondo II". It sounds really nice, especially the neck pickup. The neck is really nice. $150.

And lastly I have a Kawai S-170, also known as the "Hound Dog Taylor" guitar, since Hound Dog Taylor used to play these guitars. This one has three pickups (HDT used four) and strange wiring, but it sounds really nice in my Vox AC15. $275.

All prices are "or best offer". I will give discounts if you buy more than one guitar.

When contacting me, please include your name and number, otherwise I may not respond to your inquiry since most scammers only say things like "is it still available?" hoping you'll respond and then they have your email info, etc. Here are pictures:

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