Monday, August 15, 2011

Kapa Continental (USA) in Raleigh NC for $380

Strange, unique, quirky guitars like the Kapa Continental are right at home in local Indie alternative art-rock bands. Super thin necks on these are great for small hands and female guitarist singer songwriters. Just don't expect to be using the Tremolo much live. Good pickups in these guitars.

All Kapa's have wrecked finishes like this one - the result of their simple one coat cheapo finish. Adds to the charm.


KAPA Continental, mid 1960's, made in USA - $380 (Raleigh, NC 27613-1602)

Date: 2011-08-13, 9:06AM EDT
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Mid 1960's USA made KAPA Continental, relic'ed the old-fashion way... Checking, missing finish and some rosewood neck divots only adds to its vintage character.

Manufactured in Edsmonston Maryland from 1963 to 1970 by Koop Veneman and originally sold through his Hyattsville / Silver Spring MD "Veneman Music Emporium" store, later relocating to Wheaton MD. Koop assembled his guitars and marketed them as a cost effective alternative to the higher priced Fenders and Gibsons he sold in his store.

A pair of German (Hofner type 511 Nova Sonic "Staple" by Franz Pix) pickups and bridge stamped "Germany" with three USA CTS 250K potentiometers. 1966 Date codes on pots. (Hey, the pots alone are worth big bucks!) Pickups measure around 8.0K DC Resistance each.

Set up with D'Addario 9's strings and very low action, a very easy to play guitar. Frets are small and are in good shape, and the neck is ultra thin. All electronics, tuners and tremolo are in excellent working condition. The only parts that are not original are one tuner screw and the strings.

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  1. I am the seller of this Kapa and can ship if you are not local to the RTP area. Will include a Gater camo semi-hard-shell case. Payment by PayPal. Buyer pays actual shipping by FedEx ground home delivery. Email:


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