Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silvertone 1484 Head and 2x12 Cabinet In Memphis for $500

The seller says this amp had a recent cap job but for some reason the Reverb and Trem tubes were not replaced... huh?
I am listing this because it is a decent price with the included cabinet - you often see just the 1484 amp heads alone for $400+. Also Memphis is a large town so hopefully someone can go check this amp out in person. Good luck!

Note: For the record, the "Twin Twelve" is the 2x12 Combo version of this amp - not this piggyback amp and cabinet.


Silvertone 1484 2x12 combo VINTAGE - $500 (MEMPHIS)

Date: 2011-08-02, 12:28PM CDT
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1960's Silvertone 1484 2x12 combo/piggyback
Original Jensen Speakers.
New cap job, power cord and speaker jack by Rob Hull at
New Power/Pre tubes...
Needs new tube for term and reverb to work...

Looking for Cash, Pedaltrain Pro, Wounded Paw Pedal Blender, Strymon Timeline or BluySky Reverb... etc...

Check out a description below... More pics available.

The Sears Silvertone series of guitar amps were made from the '30s to the '70s. Its Silvertone 1484 came along in the highly charged mid-'60s, and many have stood the test of time until 2010, thanks to the long-standing adoption of the brand by the musical elite. Often referred to as the Silvertone Twin Twelve, the 1484's twin 12-inch speakers and straightforward controls still satisfy connoisseurs of every genre.

Often compared to similar Dano models of the day--many of each are still in circulation across the globe--the 50-watt Sears Silvertone 1484 has reverb and tremolo in two channels. A jumper cable allows you to dirty up and thicken your tones by bridging channels. Controls also allow you to adjust the depth of tones on each individual channel.

The 1484 allows users to open up both 12-inch (usually Jensen) speakers or roll down to a single 12-inch for more intimate gigs. At top volume and condition, it doesn't lose tone thanks to a pedal-free overdrive. The construction is pressed board, which makes for less durable but lighter loads.

Reverb and Tremelo
The tremolo on the 1484 amp is full and rich in both loud and soft tones, but the reverb assembly is far less complex than other more respected models of the day, such as Fender. This owes to the amps' affordability--both then and now.

•Location: MEMPHIS


  1. I think you may be mistaken on the "Twin Twelve" comment. I have a 1484 head (no cabinet sadly) and on the upper right of the chassis face is printed "Twin Twelve". I think the badge on the cabinet also says twin twelve.

  2. The "Twin Twelve" combo you speak of was the 1474. It was replaced by this, which is also called the Twin Twelve". It is even printed right on the face plate.

  3. I stand corrected. The 1484 head and Piggyback setup is indeed designated as the Twin Twelve. - Jim C


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