Thursday, February 16, 2012

Alamo Fiesta on eBay - just because I wanted to list it here.

I don't think any serious guitarist has ever played an Alamo guitar on stage - but I I could be wrong. But I couldn't resist highlighting this current eBay sale because the Alamo Fiesta guitar is such a rare find these days.

I can't think of any other guitar that is a copy of so many different models at the same time. The body on this has a mind all its own but the pickups are clearly inspired by the Kay Speedbumps and the tailpiece is so close to a Danelectro you could make a case for patent infringement (and they probably did). Flip it over and the 3 bolt neck is a perfect mimic of a Harmony. And the headstock seems to be be taking the lead from one of the Japanese imports of the 1960's like Teisco.

I can't imagine what it sounds or plays like - but she's certainly something else.


Here is a link to the ebay auction:


UPDATE: I found this video on Youtube of a guitar collector playing one of these Alamo Fiestas. Sounds surprisingly good. Almost like a Gretsch with the slapback and reverb he adds to the amp sound. Much beefier pickup tone than I would expect. Check it out:

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  1. Hey JC:
    Love this blog. Look at it every day.
    I got turned on to the Alamo Fiesta from a coffee table book that a band member (thanks Dana!) left at my studio for my clients to look at while we are recording. The book is a pictorial of the choice selections from Billy Gibbon's guitar, car, and slut collection called "Billy F. Gibbons Rock and Roll Gearhead". He has a one pickup version of the Fiesta called a "Fury", heard on "Belt Buckle" from the XXX album.

    After I got this book, I had to find one of these. I ended up getting a three pickup version that is like the one posted but in a black to red burst with the original crazy assymetrical case for $300 on ebay a few years ago -it is awesome! occasionally I play it live with my band The Aliens That Ate Hollywood.
    I missed out on another Alamo Fiesta with 3 pickups and a Harmony whammy like the ones on the Bobcat (I know you don't think those whammys are playable but they are-St. Vincent is an example of a great player who uses this to great affect).

    I bet you Alamo subcontracted parts from Danelectro/Silvertone, Kay, and Harmony. The parts are way too similar for this guy (Charles Eilenberg) Alamo to re-engineer.
    Here is a nice history of Alamo from Vintage Guitar:

    and here is some more great info:

    forgive me if you already know this shit.

    Your humble acquaintance and compatriot:

    Lord Conley


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