Sunday, February 5, 2012

Harptone acoustic guitar in Detroit area for $650

Harptones are beautiful instruments. They are also quite rare but they are one of those strange anomalies in the guitar world where since there are so few out there nobody really collects them so there is not really a "market value" for them.

I posted this guitar because you won't find many photos or info about Harptones. They were an old brand from the 1920's or so from the East Coast but they became better known in the 1960's and 1970's when Sam Koontz began making guitar for them in his Brooklyn guitar workshop. Sam was a brilliant luthier and came up with some unique techniques such as the "violin arched back" that required no bracing - as displayed on this model (which appears to be either a Harptone Eagle or Lark). Sam also made guitars for Standel for a time and I believe he also made a semi-hollow electric guitar model for Mosrite.

Harptones are known for their deep resonant woody tones and quality construction. you can always identify a Harptone (or any Sam Koontz guitar) by its uniquely shaped headstock.


Vintage Harptone acoustic dreadnought guitar - $650 (troy)

Date: 2012-02-05, 6:35AM EST
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Very nice original Harptone acoustic.Beautiful patina. Missing pick guard. I am not a guitar expert but research on the internet tells me this is a rare guitar. I priced it way lower than the only one I could find for sale. Mark 248-***-****

Location: Troy MI

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  1. To the best of my knowlage, Sam never made guitars for Mosrite. 10 prototypes were made for Standel around 64 or 65, but never went into production. One of Mosrites workers stole the design and built copies for Standel in 65/66. I own a Harptone made Standel 520-C that I'm told belonged to Simi Mosley. It has a scripted capital M ingraved on the truss rod cover, and came with a hand made brass saddle piece. I have no documents backing up the story. So it just a story.


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