Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1996 Yamaha SA-15 Semi-Hollow electric in NM for $450

This seller is offering a cool and fairly rare Yamaha from the very early days of that company.  Think about what sort of guitars were coming out of Japan in 1966 and compare them to this nicely finished Yamaha. Interesting.  It is styling like this that make Yamaha guitars popular among retro Surf players in Cali.

I've never played one of these but the look is unique and I am sure it plays and sounds nice as well.


Vintage (60's) Yamaha SA-15 - $450 (abq)

Date: 2012-05-06, 4:17PM MDT
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Unique styling, great feel and quality construction as to expected from Yamaha of this period. I think they stopped making these in the late 1960s; however, later models have the serial number stamped into the fretboard (this one doesn't). I believe it to be circa 1966. Condition is about 7/10, some nicks and scratches, but appears to be all original and everything works. Almost all of these have a crack by the neck pocket and "stars" around the pickguard screws and this one does as well. This is not a cheap feeling guitar (unlike most Teiscos or similar from the same period), although I think it was Yamaha's entry level semi acoustic at the time. If you've never played a vintage Yamaha you'll probably be surprised. The neck is thin and slightly narrow, the action is medium (I've never adjusted it) but the feel of the guitar is great as is the vibe.

More info on this model (not this guitar):


You usually see these in sunburst, the maroon ones like this are less common. $450 firm w/hard shell case. I doubt you'll find another one of these in NM. Average e-bay prices are between $600 - $1000 depending upon color and condition. I might trade for boutique pedals of equal value. Guitar trades would have to be something very different (no recent import guitars). I might go for a small vintage tube amp.

E-mail me back or text me at 505-***-****. No phone calls please... it's 2012 after all. I don't think there are any questions that I can't answer over text, and if there were, they can certainly be answered by viewing and playing the guitar.



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