Thursday, September 13, 2012

1965 Fender Villager 12 String in Scottsdale AZ for $250

This seller is offering an original Fender Villager 12 string for $250.  You can tell this is one of the early ones by the Kluson deluxe tuners (BTW, you could take off those 1965 tuners and sell them individually for $20 a piece and make back the entire cost of this guitar - I'm just saying... hehe.

The 5 digit Serial number on this one should make it part of the earliest first year run of this model. 

Now, Fender has never been renowned for any of their acoustic guitars but the Villager at least is funky and cool and unique with it's bizarro headstock shape and its bolt on thin electric style neck.   The Villager is the 12 string version of the Fender Malibu, which, though not known as a collectible or great sounding acoustic, was quite popular back in the 1960's and were occasionally played by everyone from Jerry Garcia to Eric Clapton.  These acoustics were popular with electric players who liked the thin fast necks.   I am not sure where these were actually built, somewhere in the USA most likely at the Fullerton factory?  Fender has reissued these as a cutaway and you can buy a new imported version for about $500 so this one is a deal.

Note the solid copper pipe that runs through the interior of the guitar body.  This is original to the design.  I guess this was Fender's way of providing some subtle structural support. LOL.

I found a video on Youtube of a guy playoing one of these original Villagers - his is from the 1970's.  It sounds pretty nice to me - not a lot of bottom but a real nice jangle.  reminds me of that Aussie band "The Church." - here is a link:  VINTAGE FENDER VILLAGER 12 STRING ACOUSTIC


Vintage 12 string acoustic guitar - $250 (Scottsdale)

Date: 2012-09-12, 4:14AM MST [Errors when replying to ads?]

I have a vintage Fender Villager 12 string acoustic guitar in good condition. It's probably 1965-66 (according to Fender). Fender did not keep real good records around that time, when CBS bought them.
It has some wear and a slight crack in the face, cosmetic only. It comes with a TKL hard case (in picture).

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