Monday, September 10, 2012

Rare Gene Leis tube amp head and cab in Torrance CA for $275

I've seen a few Gene Leis guitar amps over the years but most of those were tiny little 50C5 type amps similar to an Alamo or Lafayette student amp. This one looks like another Gene Leis model I saw online called a 910T that has a pair of 12AX7's and a 6V6GT and a 6X5GT Rectifier tube.  That would still only make it about 6 or 8 watts but it might be a fun amp - though not enough for anything but the smallest gigs.  


Vintage 1964 Gene Leis Guitar Amplifier - $275 (Torrance/South Bay/310)

Date: 2012-09-09, 12:32AM PDT [Errors when replying to ads?]

Rare Collector's Item - Vintage 1964 Gene Leis Guitar Amplifier

Gene Leis was an American jazz guitarist, teacher, bandleader, composer, producer and entrepreneur. Known primarily for his influential publications and recorded guitar courses in the 1960s, Gene was also a popular performer and a mentor to a large number of musicians through his teaching studios in Manhattan Beach, California. He designed a line of guitar amplifiers and sold over 8,000 amplifiers before leaving the crowded amp market. I actually knew Gene back in the 70's and he sold me my first "real" guitar in his Manhattan Beach store, so this was a "nostalgic" purchase for me when I found it. Alas, financial considerations force me to sell loss is your gain.

This collectable amp was not working when I purchased it, so I had it re-tubed and replaced the cord with a modern 3-prong grounded cord (as shown) and it works great now. The amp tech that worked on it dated it to 1964 based on the numbers on the original 10" speaker in the cabinet. I do not know the power rating of the amp, but it is relatively low powered, as many vintage amps of the day were. It sounds very warm and natural, and breaks up into a nice growl when turned up. It has volume, tone and tremolo controls that all work.

Call 310-***-**** - $275/obo/no trades.

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  1. I have one of the 910T combo amps actually (the badge is missing off of the face unfortunately), and aside from distorting at about 2 or so out of 10, this thing rips. I think mine came with an 8" utah, maybe a 10", but it rips. The tremolo sort of works on it, but unless you turn the speed up, it doesn't do a darn thing. Sweet amp though, and it's cool to see another one.


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