Friday, September 28, 2012

Kay Vanguard in Oklahoma City for $160

I contacted the seller of this guitar, his name is Austin, and he said that as of today (Sept 28, 2012) the guitar is still available.  This is a pretty sweet deal for a Vanguard - especially one with the nifty ornate Kay headstock logo.  Those bridges are kind of tricky if it needs a replacement - just keep that in mind.

These are great slide guitars - nice chunky necks and they are full length scale as well - they just look short because the tailpiece is mounted way back on the body.  Once you get used to it this can be pretty cool.  The Kay "cake pan" pickup on these is the real prize here. You don't find them on fully solid guitars like this very often and this body is a nice thick piece of solid wood.  You could drive a sinker ball over the center field wall with this baby then flip it back around and play "Dying Gambler" by Blind Willie McTell.


Vintage ca. 1965 Kay Vanguard Electric Guitar w/ Original Case OBO - $160 (Edmond)

Date: 2012-09-18, 10:14PM CDT [Errors when replying to ads?]

This here is a wonderful guitar. It sounds awesome and plays really well. It's an awesome garage rock and blues guitar. I've used it at a few shows myself back when I was in a band. It handled itself well. The tone knob, however, doesn't work, but it still sounds fat and has rockibility. The bridge is also a little broken, It's a $5 fix anywhere you go though. Again, the price is negotiable, so work with me. The money isn't flowing these days so I'm trying to rid myself of some things. This is a great guitar and piece of history.

Please reply via email.

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  1. Jim,

    First off, thanks for putting this blog together. I found you in the course of a crazed search for a Kay Vanguard. Since I live near OKC, this post from the OKC craigslist piqued my interest. I clicked through to CL and it says the posting expired, but it didn't say it was deleted by the author or anything. I'm holding out some vague hope that the guy may still have this guitar.

    I have read the disclaimer above and I know you aren't in the sales-facilitation business, but, since it appears you contacted this gentleman, I was wondering if you might be willing to pass along his email (if you even still have it). This guitar is right what I've been looking for, so I had to ask. I fully understand if this isn't kosher with you. Either way, I'll be back to look for more gems.



    1. Dylan: I would have contacted him through the Craigslist system back in September so I don't have his email at this point (I send out hundreds of emails and can't keep trackof them all). But Vanguards are pretty easy to find - especially the single pickup variety like this. I owned one exactly like this and solid it several years ago - that was a True Tone but they are all basically the same. there is one on eBay right now that looks exactly the same as this one. Here is that listing:

      - Jim C


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