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Airline 7214 Amp in case guitar in IOWA for $250

Here is another seller being fairly direct and legit about this cool collectible guitar - these airline amp cases are solid wood and quite heavy - but I hear they sound as good or better than the Silvertone models from the same era (Valco vs Danelectro - let your ears be the judge).


Date: 2009-12-13, 11:04PM CST
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This is an Airline electric guitar, with the amplifier in its wooden case. It is model #7214. From my research, this was made in 1962, possibly 1963, and sold by Montgomery Wards. It works and it rocks!!! There is a static sound when first plugged in while the tubes are warming up. Once warmed up, the static remains, but is very quiet. My guitar friend tells me this is related to the amplifier, and not the guitar, as nothing in the guitar warms up, and is probably a simple fix. It has nice, low action, still plays well and has a great sound.

And it has certainly been played! The pickguard, in particular, is in the roughest shape, with wear and cracks and a couple of screws missing. One knob cover is missing. There are a few dings and wear to the body, and the tailpiece shows a bit of rust. I have several more photos which show each area of wear that I can send upon request. Asking price reflects condition, as other amp-in-case guitars of this era sell on eBay for much more. This is also referenced below. It still has a good, rich sound and I can play if for you over the telephone. Better to come and try it for yourself! You can call at 319-668-1728 (keep trying, as phone machine is not working) or email to get more info, photos or directions. PLEASE, CASH ONLY. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING!

The following is lifted from guitar collector/expert Bill Ruxton...

"These amp-in-case guitars were marketed in the 1960s by both Montgomery Wards under their Airline brand name, and by Sears under their Silvertone name. The first of these probably had the guitars made by the old Danelectro company in New Jersey. The earliest models had one “lipstick tube” pickup, and later versions were offered with one or two of these pickups. The earliest of these pickups were actually housed in chrome-plated cylinders originally made to be lipstick tubes.

It was the ‘60s, man, and the music was happenin’. Thousands of kids took up guitar to learn three or four chords and do all the Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul, and Mary pop folk tunes of the era, and then the Beatles invaded, Bob Dylan went electric, and all of those kids wanted electric guitars. Danelectro, Harmony, and Kay were happy to meet that demand with their own brands and through Sears, Wards, and other distributors. Many of today’s great players started on instruments such as these.

In good condition (typical age wear and tear, but everything working properly and decent playability, no serious issues) these typically sell for around $300 - $400, with two-pickup versions generally getting higher prices. I’ve seen dealers asking $800 or more for sets in fairly ordinary condition, but don’t know if they actually get those prices. For a truly exceptional specimen, $600-$800 or more might not be out of the question for a very few niche buyers that would both appreciate the instrument set and have the cash to spring for it.

Even if you can’t retire on its value, it’s still a very cool piece of American guitar history that might still play reasonably well and sound cool."



  1. I have an Airline case just like this. I baught it at a yard sale along with a "Kay" guitar. I don't have the guitar to go along with the case because the guy I baught these items from, was certain this was the guitar that went inside the "Airline" case. I would really like to either find the right guitar for this case or sell it as well as the "Kay" guitar. If anyone is interested or you have any suggestions for me, plesase give me a jingle. Thanks. Jim 719-469-7297

  2. I just commented on the Airline guitar case without the guitar. I also have a vintage Kay guitar. I should have left my e mail. I apologize.


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