Friday, January 22, 2010

Rare 1974 Univox Les Paul Special in Louisville for $350

this is just a very rare guitar. It is a Univox copy of a Les Paul DC Special and as yu can see it is a set neck version w P-90 type pickups making it a pretty close copy - of course I doubt it plays or sounds much like a Gibson but it is still a rare and unusual find. Very few Set neck Japanese electric solid body guitars from this period.

LES PAUL SPECIAL copy '74 Univox - $350 (louisville)

Date: 2010-01-22, 12:32PM EST
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1974 Univox limited edition les paul special copy. Original pickguard has been replaced. Frets are good,neck is straight and all the electronics work. Pots are mounted in grounded circuit board. Original tuners. Some corrosion on the bridge it is 36 years old though. Has 2 p90 type pickups so it is bright sounding. Comes with a gig bag too. Rare japanese lawsuit era guitar,not many of these left. If you are interested please give me a call or text at 270-366-three nine two three. Please no emails or phishing scammers. Local CASH sales only.

Location: louisville


  1. i used to own one of these... believe it or not, these ARE actually bolt-on necks, but they're screwed onto the body fron the INSIDE, under the guard/neck pickup! still, fantastic look, feel and sound!

  2. I'm restoring my 1975 Vox LE and having a heck of a time finding a new pickguard. I'm not a tech, so cutting my own is out. Glad I held on to it. Couldn't give it away 20 years ago, now people drool over it.

    1. Hi Frank and Bella. I saw this post from last January and was wondering if you were ever able to find a pickguard for your Vox LE. I've searched high and low but no luck. Please let me know if you were able to find someone that sells them. Thanks, Jeff

  3. I am also looking for a Pickguard for my old Univox 75 DC LE 2 Pickup guitar. It plays and sounds great with the 2 P90 pups. Any one have any help? Thanks T

  4. simple to make. i did. the shaded area wherre the guard was is still therre. mine, has the open book peghead like a not for export model...

  5. simple to make. i did. the shaded area wherre the guard was is still therre. mine, has the open book peghead like a not for export model...


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