Monday, January 4, 2010

Harmony H51 or H57 Archtop Electric in Silverlake CA for $95

The seller says this is an H51 but it looks alot like a Roy Smekck H57 to me (minus the pickguard). Either way this is a very desireable guitar for a very low price (only $95!). The crappy glue job on the rear aside that pickup is clearly a GIBSON P13 (Seth Lover design) which harmony used on the Roy Smeck in the early 1950's. Grab it!

Vintage Harmony Hollowbody Electric - $95 (silverlake/atwater village)

Date: 2010-01-03, 9:24PM PST
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Full size Harmony Hollowbody H51 archtop guitar with f holes and pickup.
Volume and tone knobs. P

this is it:

Nice blues/jazz sound. Play it acoustic or electric.
Would be cool as an extra guitar setup for slide or to have in an open tuning.

Note: Over 12 years ago it fell and the back piece of wood came undone.
I glued it back together with glue but didn't clean it up very well so there's still some glue residue.
It's still solid as a rock and doesn't seem to have affected the sound at all.

Location: silverlake/atwater village

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  1. I've got one I am about to post on craigslist. I was looking around to see what they're going for. I'm surprised to find the exact guitar I've got. Mine has the pick guard. Check out Minneapolis craigslist if you're interested!


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