Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bedrock BC-50 Tube combo in Wash DC for $450

I can't personally vouch for the tone of these Bedrock amps but the four BC-50 owners on Harmony Central give it very high marks for tone. It looks like they were copying the Vox AC-30 and it uses EL-84 output tubes - apparently the cleans on this are very nice. It has shared EQ so may not be the most versatile channel-switching amp - but just punch it with an OD like you would an old AC-30 and poof "Bob's Your Uncle." These were considered "boutique" amps back in the 80's when there weren't really many boutique amp companies around. Looks like $450 is a good price for one of these.


Two Nice Tube Amps For Sale - $390 (Herndon)

Date: 2010-01-06, 11:17PM EST
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I have 2 amps for sale. The black one is a Fender Deville 2 X 12. Most of us are familiar with this one so I won’t bore you with the details. It’s in perfect condition; practically new. Footswitch and cover are included. I’m asking $390 for this one. The blond one may not be so familiar; it’s a vintage Bedrock BC-50 (it’s missing the logo but Bedrock is stamped on the speakers). Bedrock is no longer in business and I’ve been told that this amp is a “collector’s piece”. I don’t know about all that but it’s pretty nice. It has two channels, reverb, presence, 3-band EQ, and two toggle switches for “Loose or Tight”. The power tubes are EL-84’s and are new. Very loud and very heavy. Clean channel sounds awesome; I’m not crazy about the drive channel. When I use it, I keep it on the clean channel and use a pedal. I’m asking $450 for this one.
Read about Bedrock amps here:
Aerosmith used to endorse them back in the 80’s. I need to clear out some space and these two get used the least.

The only reason I’m selling these amps is because I have two others that I use most of the time; a ’75 Fender Twin Reverb (my first love) and a ’94 Deluxe Reverb in blond tolex (my mistress). Please call Ken at 703-898-6457 of interested.



  1. Does the reverb work on the drive channel? On mine it never has. But should it?


    mick_mulders at

  2. The reverb only works on the clean channel but not the drive channel. Don't quote me but I think this is intentional.


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