Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cool Vintage Gear in Boston, VOX, Magnatone, Gibson, Danelectro

A couple of neat vintage offerings in the Boston area - that Magnatone is a little pricey but it is a nice amp and has the origibnal cover and footswitch.  The Vox Cabinet is a Berkely II made by Thomas Organ - but still pretty cool.  And I like the idea of the switch to wire the SG bridge pickup straight to the output jack - that's an interesting idea and I may try it on a guitar in the future.  I've had more than one occasion where a pickup sounded good running straight into the amp but then when I wired it into the guitar tone circuit it lost some of its edge.   That's not a bad price on the Dano bass either.   They look so cool in the original (or old refin) Gold.




Date: 2010-04-15, 12:23PM EDT

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Vox Berkeley 2x10" Speaker Cab $287 BO

Non-original speakers, crack in back panel. Cloth and logo good. Handle is intact! Sounds great, bright and open.

Magnatone M10 Tube combo $797

Very cool and rare 60's stereo Magnatone M10 with reverb, unique tone switches, two channels, that crazy and unique Magnatone vibrato and original cover and footswitch. About 38 watts output. Everything works and sounds great. It can be shimmering clean or break up nice for blues and rock stuff. $797

1979 Gibson SG

Great playing and sounding '79 SG. Repaired crack at neck joint and near controls. Guitar is solid, though. Gibson tremolo. New candy apple red Chevy paint job. Was walnut. Refretted with jumbos a while back. Mini switch sends bridge pickup direct to jack; amazing difference in tone. $857

1956 Premier 76 $647

People love these things for harp, but it's a ripping little guitar amp. Really sweet original Jensen blue P12 speaker. Original amp. Has trem but it doesn't seem to work. Folds up like a suitcase! Clean brass and cloth and super cool look to the amp!

1960's Danelectro Shorthorn Bass

Looks like might be old refin. Plays great and sounds killer. As shown. $497

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