Friday, April 16, 2010

Harmony H415 18 watt tube 2x12 combo amp in Gainesville FL for $300

This H415 was Harmony's USA made version of a Marshall 18 watt Bluesbreaker (before the Bluesbreaker existed). It may lack the preamp gain of the Marshall but with a 5Y3 rectifier and modest sized output trannie this baby saturates and overdrives easily making this a heck of a vintage tube combo amp.

This model has had some vintage Rola Alnico's added in place of the original Jensen ceramics that would have been in this amp. They should still sound pretty good and alnico's are more efficient so you should get good volume.

Here are some specs: "Harmony Mid sixties twin 12, dual channel tube guitar amp. Both channels have vol and tone. there is Tremolo that can be controlled by a footswitch with settings for intensity and speed. The power switch can shift the ground polarity and there is a standby. Tubes are 5y3, 2x 6bq5 (EL84), 6au6, and 2 x 12ax7."

Vintage tube guitar amp - $300 (Gainesville)

Date: 2010-04-16, 1:44AM EDT

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Great sounding 2x12 tube amp has 2 channels and 2 Rola alnico magnet speakers.This amp overdrives very well, put a wah in front and its just wicked call Ray @ 352-870-5682

Location: Gainesville



  1. Are you quite sure it's only 18 watts? I'm no electronics expert by any stretch, but the spec sheet (several sites in pdf) would seem to suggest more like 85? Thanks

  2. Jim
    (again) can you explain why the Harmony H415 rates in at only 18 watts, when the original schematics say 85? Which is which? Where is it listed as 18? You can email me direct if you want, Thanks,

  3. It is definitely an 18 watt amp. The pair of 6BQ5 power tubes each generate between 7 to 9 watts apiece just like they would in a Vox AC-15, Marshall Bluesbreaker or a Fender Blues Jr. In fact with the 5Y3 rectifier (same as a Fender Champ) and modest Output Trannie this amp probably falls closer to 15 watts output - perhaps that's the reason it is called the H-415. Very understandable confusion since the amp probably DRAWS about 85 watts of power but that is very different than Output wattage. Hope that helps. - Jim C


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