Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fender 2004 HRD Deluxe LTD w/ solid Maple Dovetail cabinet in Cape Cod for $655

Though this seller doesn't seem to know much about his own amp (he thinks it is a 180 watt amp) this is still a really nice and rare amp for a very good price. Fender made these LTD HRD tube amps back in 2004 and they came in both a "Sunburst" and a nice richly stained solid Maple finish.  The Sunburst looked aweful IMO, but these maple cabinets are sweet.  You could easily pay $500 or more just to have a doevtail cabinet like this made - and these come with the tube amp and a nice Vintage style Jensen RI speaker.   

Note:  These are not hand-wired tag board amps like the more pricey 59 LTD but the Hot Rod Deluxe is a reliable circuit design well proven in hundreds of studios and blues and rock clubs.


50,s Fender Amp - $655 (CAPE COD)

Date: 2010-04-24, 10:02AM EDT

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Here Is a Limitted edition 180 w Fender Delux amp that is awesome. This amp is a copy of a vintage amp of the 50,s. This amp gives you the best of both worlds. It has the vintage sound with out the vintage break downs. This amp was used in a studio and my home and is about 6 years old. It is absolutely mint as the day I bought it.$ 655.00 or B/O

This amp looks like a peice of fine furniture. Tungue and groove cabnet in maple.No dents,scratches or marks.This amp gets confused with a lower end Fender delux,"this is the limitted edition with a Jensen red cap 12 inch speaker wich is copied exact and is a Jensen ", not the one with the blue cap fender speaker.

You can buy new,pay the tax and pay more,or you can buy this amp and get the same brand new amp for far less money. "This amp was bought for $1500.00 because it is a limitted edition exact copy with added circuits.

Cash only,

Call Bruce 508-420-3400.

Location: cape cod

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