Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vintage Kalamazoo KG-2 in Charlottesville MD for $250

Very good price on this original Blue SG style KG-2  - although it does have one non-orig pickup. Kalamazoo was the budget student brand of Gibson starting way back in 1934. They shut it down during WWII and then restarted the brand in 1965 when the electric guitar boom hit. They shut it down again for good in 1970 (and as you may be aware, now they have the Gibson/Baldwin brand as super budget label).

The big difference between then and now is that the Kalamazoo brand in 1965 was made in the same Gibson factory - often by the same employees - as their higher end guitars. The main difference in these is the cheaper woods and hardware - though I believe most KG's and K-1's used regular Melody Maker pickups.


Kalamazoo/Gibson kg2a 60's guitar - $250 (Crozet)


Date: 2010-05-13, 10:20AM EDT

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Vintage Collectible (1966-70) Gibson/Kalamazoo KG-2-A Guitar.

Unique SG style in (rare) Vegas Blue (original paint).

Stamped serial number, 004591, on the headstock, see image.

14 - High quality pics of actual guitar -

slow site...wait for it... the images are worth waiting for.

Straight neck, very playable.

Dual pickups, one appears not original.

Clean tone, all tested and fully functioning.

Only issue is with pickup selector switch on neck pickup, scratchy, may need pot cleaner or something.

Also - has a broken high E string right now. .010, I don't have a spare.

Carefully stored and played in a non-smoking environment, never gigged.

I am the second owner and have had it since 1992.

I had the original case, but the fabric inside was a mess, so it did not make it, sorry.

Here is a link to a 1966 catalog from Kalamazoo.

Local buyer only.

If you saw this post last month, I will continue posting until I can find a local buyer.

I had a few bites but no one actually came to look at it.

I have had it this long I am not in a hurry.

Best offer, over $250 - cash only.

This is a great price for a rare collectible guitar.

***** reply with the subject Kalamazoo Guitar and give your name and phone number and when you would like to see it.

If you don't, I will consider the reply spam and not reply.

I got a lot of spam last time.


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