Thursday, June 3, 2010

Harmony H-76 Custom Modified Electric in Brooklyn for $600

This is not an all-original H-76. The previous owner custom built it from mostly vintage parts (incl. DeArmond pups) and it looks like he did a good job. He certianly seems to know about guitar construction and deatils. I would imagine this plays as good or BETTER than an original H-76.  Note that the neck is not a harmony neck - he custom crafted it for this guitar.

This now looks like a cross between an H-76 and a Meteor which is pretty cool if you ask me.  Maybe you have a gal named Claudia in your life too?  The roller bridge and custom neck most probably add to the overall playability and tuning stability. But of course, you'd have to play it to find out.  Heck, why not? It's in Brooklyn for gosh sakes!


Vintage Harmony H-76 archtop - $600 (Clinton Hill)


Date: 2010-06-01, 8:15PM EDT

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I bought this guitar on ebay a few years back for 800 bucks. Here is the description from the guy I purchased it from.


I have been a master carpent for many years. I got this guitar on Ebay as a Silvertone body only project that was spray painted all black.

It took me a full year in my spare time to put this together. The top is SOLID MAPLE not a laminate. Imagine my delight when I sanded it all down & found this flame maple gem under all that crap!

I handmade the rosewood tremolo arm tip as well as the Rosewood pickguard, Rosewood knobs, Rosewood vaneered switch surround.

The pickguard is a laminate wood vaneer composite with a Rosewood vaneer.

Rosewood knobs. Flame maple headstock That I applied myslef. Claudia is me daughter & I built this guitar when my Ex Wife was pregnant with her so I put her name on the headstock.

The pickups are NOS to this guitar. About 10 years ago there was an auction of original parts from the Harmony factory. Brand new Never installed on any guitar but this.

This is an aftermarket neck that I carved into the narrow neck pocket.

Schaller roller bridge. This is a Bigsby Licensed type trem. I had tried them all & this was every bit as good as the next & I painted real gold leaf paint into the metal work so it would blend in the body.

It has fill size CTS pots along with the original switches which were switchcraft so there was no need to replace them.

It has what I believe is an old Vox guitar case ... teardrop shaped. Pretty old & very cool.

It's setup now with OLD Pyramid Flats & Plays beautifully. No Buzzes anywhere as the frets have been expertly dressed. I'll put on new strings of your choice & make sure that it plays perfectly all over the neck before I ship it out.

The top is Tung Oil finished. The Neck & Back are Stewmac Cherry Red with Stewmac Guitar Laquer finish. The face of the headstock is also Laquer.

You will not find many guitars out there with this kind of detail paid. I built this guitar 5-6 years ago over a period of a year & all of the work is 100% stable. This is a guitar that will last MANY years to come 

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