Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yamaha SBG2000 in Jacksonville (Jax Bch?) FL for $450

These SBG2000 models have a rabid following and some consider the early 80's models to be as good or better than the Gibson Les Paul's of the same period.  It's hard to say for sure but these were some of Yamaha's top of the line guitars in the early 80's.  I am not sure when they switched from calling them SG's to SBG's (maybe only for export to the USA)  This is very similar to the guitar that Carlos Santana used to play before he switched to PRS - I think his was a Yamaha SG1500 or something like that.

Anyway I've heard of these guitars selling for well over $1K so this one in FL is certainly a good deal. 

The seller seems to be a bit confused - there is no Kahler tremolo in the picture - so be alert that there could be some funny business going on here - I would want to speak wwith the seller directly.


Vintage Yamaha SBG 2000 - $450 (Jax Bch)


Date: 2010-06-24, 3:22PM EDT

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Guitar has a double cutaway configuration, some say it is an SG copy, but the body is more styled like a double cutaway Les Paul would be. It has a three way switch, and the tone knobs tap up to split the coils on the pickups. This guitar is finished in gloss black, with black pickups, and all the metal is gold finish. I would say it has more of a Gibson type neck, but Yamaha has figured out a way to make it really slick, with fat frets, and a perfect feel, the action is incredible.

Finish - Gloss, transparent, Black-top ,with Black Pick ups

Body Style - SBG double cutaway, like a Les Paul with 2 cuts

All gold-plated hardware, showing some wear.

Bridge - Kahler fine-tune able whammy bar

Neck - GREAT, beautiful tight inlays, ebony fret board

Nut ? Possible Kahler Lockable

Made in 1980-83 - Japan

22 frets

Mahogany body - Black top -Black Fade-out finish

Controls - 2 volumes, 2 tones (w/popup coil-splitting), 3 position selector toggle

Pickups ? 2 - Hum-bucker, split-coiled-phased, passive

Set Neck - Black-w/Ebony fret board, glamorous headstock veneer inlay

Location: Jax Bch     


  1. Tried contacting so far no luck. Certaonly a great deal. I got a similar deal (not quite this good) on a SG2000 and an SG1500 in spring and sold all of my other guitars. They are really nice. Let us know if you get this anyone.

  2. is the Yamaha sbg 2000 for sale

    1. I have one for sale $1000 MINT condition with original case.

  3. I have one for sale if you are


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