Friday, June 4, 2010

Univox 1970's ULM-6 tube amp in Tulsa for $200

I currently have one of these amps and all I can say is DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY IT - they are great!!  They originally came with horrible stock speakers which was their biggest problem - I put a Jensen 10" Mod in mine - and it looks like this one has a nice replacement Alnico 10" so it should sound great.

These are fairly clean but have a beautiful tone - and the controlls are all very useful.  Check it out.  


Vintage 70's Univox ULM-6 Guitar Tube Amp - $200 (Tulsa)


Date: 2010-05-28, 9:22AM CDT

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This is a great little amp with tons of tone in a very compact unit. Here is some info; ULM-6 Special Effects Amp (also referred to as UM-6) class A one 8ohm 10" speaker, two guitar inputs, one 'unidrive' output, one volume knob, two tone knobs (no reverb or tremelo). Here is an expanded description for a visitor to the site:

• Cabinet: H - 14.5" W - 12.5" D - 7.5"

• Cover is black Tolex, black grille cloth w/ 1/8" silver trim, and steel corners

• Black 8.5" vinyl strap handle on top held by steel brackets.

• UNIVOX logo plate screwed onto grille in lower left corner - white oval line surrounding white letters on black plastic - 1" X 4.5"

• Tube compliment is one 12AX7 (w/ old Fender style aluminum cover) & one 6V6.

• One 1 amp Slo-Blo fuse.

• Viewed from above the rear of the amp, left to right, the controls are: 2 1/4" inputs with # 2 above #1. Volume, treble, bass and line out controls. Knobs are all small Ricky types with "0 - 10" painted on the black chassis. There's another 1/4" jack just below the line out knob with a white curved arrow from the jack pointing to the knob. This is the line out, apparently this was one of the first amps with a direct output like this for recording or PA use. Next is a push-button power switch with a small circular red jewel power light above it, along with the model number in white letters and a big red 6. Internal circuitry described as similar to a Fender Champ.

Check this link to see it on youtube

Please call 810-0519


  1. The speaker is not 8 ohm, it's 16. I have the schematic and also measured the original speaker with a meter, it was 12 ohms which is usable in an amp with 16 ohm output.

  2. The speaker in this amp is 16 ohms, not 8 ohms.


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