Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Old is your Guitar Collection? My current stash...

Okay, I guess I am bored so I decided to add up the known ages of my current guitar collection.  Right now I have 24 guitars (sick I know) and the total ages adds up to 570 years - so if you divide that by 24 comes out to 23.75 years on avg.

If I pull out the 10 guitars that are from 2000 or later The average age jumps to 36!

Note:  I also did my amps and they add up to 270 years for an average age of 33.75!

What about yours?

Here is my current crop:

- Jim C.


1942 REGAL (or SUPERTONE) Parlor slide guitar - from CL in Albany NY - sweet old time slide!

1955 SUPRO COMET 1950’s LAP STEEL w/ case – just like you'd imagine - a classic

1959 AIRLINE (by National Valco) Town & Country - Weet Mahogany guitar w/ killer pups -

1959 HARMONY H-53 ROCKET – classic ca. 1959 thinline hollowbody in RED with one DeArmond pickup - aftermarket tuners - sweet and very cool guitar

1963 SILVERTONE 1487 (by Danelectro) - two lipstick picjups - I replaced switch - sounds great!

1963 HARMONY H-75 (1963) Semi Hollow ES-335 type 3 pickup guitar – super nice neck, classic blues, rock or Jazz tones, - like Dan Auerbach's Silvertone 1484 stage guitar -

1968 REGAL R-250 Archtop (for Fender) - my songwriting guitar - plays like no other.

1979 FENDER Natural Ash hardtail Strat – Grey Bottoms pickups – all orig 70's Strat - low action - sounds insanely good

1980 FENDER (1979-82) Sunburst Maple Neck Hardtail Strat – Sweet 70’s vintage Strat - you won't find another at this price

1985 FENDER LA BREA ACOUSTIC (Korea) – classic 80's Acoustic in glossy black w/ 6-on side tuners and hardcase - I am original owner -

1983 FENDER Telecaster - Oly White Cream body w/ rosewood board - I am original owner.

1992 FENDER SQUIRE MIJ Wayne’s World Strat – nice Japanese reissue 60's neck w upgraded pickups -

1998 GIBSON LES PAUL SPECIAL SL – USA Gibson Gloss RED finish perfect - Humbuckers w Gibson USA gigbag - this one has Gold Tuners

1998 GIBSON LES PAUL SPECIAL SL (2nd one) – USA Gibson Gloss RED finish 

1993 EPIPHONE LES PAUL STANDARD – beautiful rare Birdseye maple - great neck and nice vintage TONE but like most LP's it's too heavy for me.

2003 FENDER MUSTANG '69 RI - CIJ - Sweeet Oly white w/ Tortoise guard

2003 CARLO ROBELLI BASS – copy of a MusicMan – solid rock bass guitar in Maple (or is it Ash?)

2003 EPI 59 KORINA EXPLORER – nice set neck guitar - I added Gibson Zebra Velvet Brick pickups and locking tuners - awesome rock axe -

2005 MARTIN D12X1 – Nice USA 12 string w minor cosmetic damage (scratch and a 1 inch patch)

2005 MARTIN DX-1 - My best sounding acoustic - nice bassy tone. Sounds like a Martin should.

2008 OSCAR SCHMIDT RESONATOR – nice vintage looking biscuit cone Dobro-style Resonator w vintage case

2008 ROGUE Hofner Beatle bass Copy – nice set neck violin elec bass - perfect shape - sounds and plays amazing

2009 PRS SE 25th Anniv Custom 24 - Curly maple w/ birds on board - awesome pups and great player

2010 PRS SE ONE - my only Soapbar P90 guitar and one of my best gigging guitars.



1948 MASCO MAP120 - 18 watt "tone of the gods" 10" Tweed combo

1965 AIRLINE 92-6013 15 watt al tube 1x12 combo - vintage crunch monster.

1974 FENDER VIBRO CHAMP – Nice clean 70's Silverface w Line out and Weber speaker

1976 FENDER CHAMP – I added a Weber Speaker and new grill cloth

1977 UNIVOX ULM-6 – Very cool 6V6 small amp; I replaced the 10 inch speaker with a new Jensen - now it sounds BETTER than a Champ!!

1982 MARSHALL STUDIO 15 - Rare and great sounding lil 6V6 1x12 tube combo.

1983 FENDER Concert Reverb (Rivera w/ Lee Jackson Mods) - 60 watt monster combo.

2005 FENDER '65 Deluxe Reverb RI - love this amp - most useful overall amp.

? HANDBUILT 6550 Tube amp – Studio amp (no exterior case) vintage NOS RCA tubes - you won't believe the incredible tones – sags like an old woman - LOUD AS HELL!


  1. That's awesome. I have a 1965 Princeton, a 1966 Bassman and a 1964 Ampeg J-12-A. That's an average of 45 years.

    My guitars are all just a few years old though. Nothing impressive there.

  2. I have a Montgomery Wards guitar that was bought for me App. 1948. This guitar has a western wagon train scene painted on the front. It is in pretty fair shape. Can you or anyone give me some info about it ? Value of it?

  3. Hey Jim I wanted to ask if you were looking or would be interested in any rare/unique guitars? I work for Sam Ash Music and at my store we have a collection for sale. Mostly modern guitars in mint condition with original cases ect. Fenders, gibsons, martins, taylors, rickenbackers, epiphones.

    If you get this mesasge before sunday please email me back I will send you over a list of whats available. We can sell them to you and mail them if you see anything you are interested in.


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