Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1948 GIBSON GA-25 Tube Amp in Phoenix AZ for $500

Back from my honeymoon - spent two weeks in Italy so didn't do any guitar blogging (I know I could've looked for EKO's and Crucianelli's but it was Tuscany - nothing but old roundback mandolins to be seen).

Here is a nice collector's item in the Phoenix area.  I think Gibson reissued these a few years back but this is one of the originals.  60+ year old tube amp in nice shape - looks mostly original except for some required maintenance like caps etc.  This would look great on a bandstand - abnd probably sounds pretty good too - though like the man says, Gibsons are generally pretty bright amps - just the way they built the tone stack. 


Vintage 1948 Gibson GA-25 Tube amplifier - $500 (Phx)


Date: 2010-10-26, 4:02PM MST

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Rare 1948 Gibson GA-25 tube guitar amplifier. Gone over last January by Rob at Buffalo Amps. Jupiter tone caps were installed. Original output tranny. Rob tweaked the tone adjust so it sounds best maxed on the bass side. It is a bright amp. Weber Signature Series replacement speakers 12"/8" (correct Jensen replacements for the era)

I have a Weber copper cap in place of the 5y3 rectifier tube with allows it to run a bit cooler (the 5y3 is included). Pretty clean up until 4/5 then starts breaking up. Sounds killer with an overdrive as well.

Missing back bottom cover. $500 or trade Vox/Moog/Fender

•Location: Phx


  1. I was just trying to buy that from this guy!

  2. I know this is non-guitar, but I didn't see anyway else to reach you. Congratulations on your marriage--I did miss the postings!

  3. Thanks Colin. When I talked about shedding most of my collection she she said: "No please, keep the guitars... they're so pretty and you love them so much." What a dream girl. A keeper for sure. - JC


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