Friday, October 1, 2010

Trutone (Kay) K-100 in Los Angeles CA for $200

I am a big fan of these K-100's (aka Vanguard) because they are simple beasts that do one thing very well.   If you've never played one of these, or anything similar, they feel strange when you first pick them up - they are full scale guitars but with small solid wood bodies and very thick necks so the bridge is mounted further back than usual - it feels strange but what happens is it maximizes the tonal density of the thick wood body and gives them plenty of sustain - even though the baseball bat size neck is a bolt on (Kay style 3 bolt).

That center mounted Kay single coil is in exactly the right spot for SLIDE tone - not too thin and not too round - just right.  I would put these up against the Harmony H44 (w/ one piece neck and body) any day for wicked overdriven swampy slide tone - and these are always alot cheaper than the H44's. 

Check one out if you get the chance - these are USA made and you'll always smile when you plug it in.

p.s. Truetone was the branded guitar line of Western Auto a major catolog distributor in the 50's and 60's. 


Vintage Truetone by Kay Vanguard Solidbody Electric Guitar $200 obo


Date: 2010-10-01, 10:39AM PDT

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Vintage red Vanguard guitar by Truetone. Truetone was one of those brands made by the Kay/Harmony/whateverotherbrandstheyfeltlikemaking company. It is missing the tone knob, however the pot works. For some reason, when I got it, the tuners were upside down, but I fixed that, but there are some extra small holes in the headstock from the tiny screws. It was missing a strap button, so I just replaced both of them with new ones. Has a single stock DEARMOND pickup. It's a pretty rad little guitar, has some great indy vibe too it. Finish has aged to a reddish orange color. Fat neck. Super mojo. Email for more pics or to arrange a checkout.


  1. Bought this little beauty yesterday! Plays great!

  2. That's what I like to hear. Success stories on the CL Guitar hunt trail. Enjoy the little beast. - Jim C

  3. I've got three of these; two of the one-pick-up models (TrueTone A-100 and Old Kraftsman) and a two -pickup model (Kay K-102). Absolutely wonderful sounding and very comfortable to play. The nearly fifty year-old mahogany is very resonate even unplugged. They also take pedals very well. All sound great through my collection of 1960's Kay and Harmony tube combo amps.


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