Friday, October 1, 2010

Rare Burns Baldwin Model 706 in Minn for $550

These are very rare - which doesn't necessarily translate to great - but certainly an interesting guitar.  Burns Badwin (late period) 335 type guitar.  The owner seems to know the history of this model - with the hardware being of Eko-Crucianelli origin and the body from the original Burns English guitar plant. Certainly an interesting beast for the Burns completist and they are very quite uncommon on this side of the pond.


 Vintage 60’s Baldwin, Burns of London model 706 (335 copy) guitar. - $550 (Eden Prairie)


Date: 2010-09-24, 9:17PM CDT

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Vintage 60’s Baldwin, Burns of London model 706 (335 copy) guitar.

As far as features go it's quite basic - tone and volume for each of two pickups, a three-position switch. All in perfect working order and all original. Very cool 335 alternative and you gotta love the headstock scroll. The body, pickups, and "B" tailpiece were made in Italy, while the Neck and everything else was made in England (by the former Burns of London), then shipped to Arkansas, USA to be put together. Has some finish drying on the back but front is pretty clean. $550/ best offer. Original hard shell case included.

Call Tim at 952-212-5504 to set up a time to check it out.

•Location: Eden Prairie

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  1. Lovely guitars, but they do vary in feel. I've had mine since 86' hundreds of gigs, a few knocks and 2 re-frets later I still love it. The polyester varnish cracks quite easily, mine looks like shattered glass in places. Don't believe what you read on the net, the pick ups are single coils with two rows of magnetic poles NOT humbuckers like everyone thinks. I absolutely love the sound of them, really nice alt/indie sound and the neck can sound quite jazzy or huge with some fuzz. I got given a totally trashed one by my neighbour, I do a lot of guitar repairs but this was beyond hope. I used it for spares (one pickup ended up on a franken tele and does the bizzo) but just getting a feel for how it was before he trashed it I don't think it would have been as nice as my old faithful so like I said they do vary a bit. For $550 I'd go for it. Best of luck.


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