Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lectrolab R500C with rare Tweed Covering (original?) in Atlanta GA for $300

Why buy a foreign made Fender Pro Jr for $300 when you can buy an all original hand wired 1960's Lectrolab R500C for the same price?   I can't think of any reason other than sheer ignorance (or sloth).

The R-Series was the best of the Cicero Il made Lectrolabs (before they starting cutting back on some of their components due to financial problems).  I doubt this seller is exaggerating about how good this amp sounds when you crank it to 10.  These Lectrolabs really hit the EL84's hard with about 300 volts and they squeeze it out through an undersized USA-iron tranny for some glorious slightly compressed power chords.   And no it does not sound just like a Fender Tweed Deluxe - that is the whole point - it's more boxy, mid-humped and growly - ala the VOX AC15!  But what do I know - I just write a stupid guitar blog. - JC


1960's Lectrolab R500C (Tweed Deluxe Wannabe) $300 now until Friday!!! - $300 (Near Mall of Georgia)


Date: 2010-10-05, 3:33PM EDT

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I have an ultra rare, ultra killer, ultra great condition Lectrolab R500C for sale. There is not a ton of info on these out in on the web, but research will tell you that guys really love finding these amps. They are all handwired in Chicago with all the good parts that were available back in those days. This one is set up similar to a Tweed Deluxe. It has two channels with volume and tone on each and the original 12" Jensen speaker that just slays! This one is original down to every last part but the 3 prong cord. The cab is all original and very solid. It runs quite as a whisper and has no little demons lurking inside that I have ever come in contact with. This amp is very loud too! You will be shocked by the sheer volume this little guy puts out. It runs a pair of EL-84s, but if you were blindfolded you'd SWEAR you were hearing 6V6s. It really does sound most similar to a Tweed Deluxe all the way down to the sag when you run it on 10 and rip out some power chords. She is in very nice condition. You can have it for my rock bottom price of $300 between now and Friday. I can promise you wont be let down by the killer tone of this guy. I HATE to move this guy, but I have 2 amps and NOW a new guitar on the way. Sheesh!

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